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Full Playthrough & Thoughts

A topic by Cryptic Hybrid created Sep 11, 2018 Views: 46 Replies: 1
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I played and went through both... options (only one in the video) and I think it was quite a bit easier to take the non-empathic road. Also, Caps Lock for walking was a bit weird, at least I needed an adjustment period. Overall, the visual style, the audio, the story... super-enticing. Bring on the Kickstarter, we should do a live interview during the campaign. :) 



In this particular "chapter", the destroy path was intended to be easier but that isn't to say that all chapters will follow this guideline. In the final product, we want every chapter to feel unique not just in environment and characters but also in our their narratives and mysteries are structured. The ultimate goal is to make sure that players never truly know what to expect behind every door! Caps Lock was originally meant to be a toggle, but that was never implemented :( sorry about that! I'll make a note to change it to something different so thanks for the feedback!