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This is my sort of a game! But no mac :(

A topic by Lentsius created Sep 10, 2018 Views: 210 Replies: 6
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Any chance of a mac build? I'm jumping onboard the moment that one goes live.

There were mac,linux & android versions of Butterflies: Episode 0. I'm not Le Capitaine, don't know anything about programming at all, but I guess that porting the game to mac is only matter of time.

Fantastic, looking forward.


Wouldn't take long. Building for Mac (or for that matter Linux) really is as simple as flipping a switch in Unity. The problem comes when all three builds are out and i have to keep all three up-to-date; that's why I'm keeping to Windows while updates are frequent. Once I'm out of early access, I'll be rolling out on all three platforms plus Android. (Fun fact: I've been setting up mobile stuff all throughout the updates you've been getting, just behind the scenes.)

aaa gotcha! Yeah it can be a pain to follow the export process on with every update, know a thing or two about that myself. Thanks for the info :)


Mac is up.

You're the man!