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Project TDS (name suggestions welcome) - Head2Head Galaga-like

A topic by Vicious Robot Rodent created Jul 07, 2016 Views: 842 Replies: 3
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Hi all! First time poster here!

Download here

I've begun this week working on a game which twists a little bit the Galaga-like clones of yore. I was developing a Top Down Shooter (hence "project TDS") but it degenerated into a Galaga-like game.

The game pits two players in a (for now) endless battle for points, where one side has the ultra-mobile "hero" ship and the other is the "swarm" side.

Currently doing it as kind of a pressure relief, as real life is driving me nuts and want to create a small game that brings something "kind of new" to the table.

Missing still are:

  • Sounds
  • Music
  • More visual effects
  • More types of "baddies"
  • Powerups for the hero
  • "Boss" battles and such

Planned, but not prioritary are network play and some sort of leaderboard.

Another thing is that it is all done using, which enables me to target a lot of platforms at the same time. Nice!

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Ok! I've released a downloadeable version!

This week i've added sounds, music, explosions, camera shake and a menu screen.

Remaining to include are:

  • AI for the Hero (it just shoots mindlessly for now).
  • More variety of enemies.
  • Mini bosses waves.
  • Bosses waves.
  • Network play.

I intend to eventually do a Mac release, but as i don't have any way to test them releases that's gotta wait. Windows downloads should be working, i'm going to test them soon as it is kinda late around here :D (EDIT: Windows works!)

Uploading new build with Hero powerups that drop from the aliens. Still need to add new sounds for the powerups and UI elements that let the player know how much of them they have still active.

I'm thinking of adding a way for aliens to have powerups too, still deciding how to add them (maybe sacrificing an alien that crashes with the hero grants temporary powerups to the rest of the swarm?).

So, today i decided to try and get my video capture up to speed (recently switched from windoze to linux as main dev machine). Finally made it so i can capture a nifty gif:

Obviously, i still need to find out how to capture 60fps video on my box :(

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