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Ever Growing - Make / Play

A topic by MMM created Jul 06, 2016 Views: 1,068 Replies: 7
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Platform: Windows
Genre: Platformer / Creator
Engine: Game Maker 8
Release date: October 2016. page:

Make your own stage, a set of stages or even entire platform type of game with NPC's and story!

The game will be updated with new levels at least once a month by me. Your creations are welcome too :)

For more information about this game you can visit:

Official page:

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Ever Growing DEMO / FULL GAME differences

Only one month until full "Ever Growing" game release. And the demo is out for two months now. So it's the right time to look at the main differences between the demo and full version of the game.

1. Building assets

Many new objects are added in the level editor since demo version (floors, enemies, and puzzle key items), but the biggest addition is boss fights. You will be able to add and rename boss in your stage in full version of the game. Also, SHIELD item is added so the player will no longer die from one hit (if the level creator put SHIELD item in his stage of course). Options for time limit are also added into level editor.

2. Save / Load stage.

For those who try out Ever Growing DEMO knows that level selection screen is not as user-friendly as it should be. The reason for this is because "Ever Growing" never supposed to be the game with level editor. The main code was made for a pure platforming game. So in order fort player to play the stage, he must type in the name of the stage he wants to play without exiting the game which means that player must know stage names In advance. This system has now been corrected. The player can now simply select stage he wants to play from the game folder. It's not an ideal solution but it makes level selection a bit easier.

3. Music

Music from the demo will not be used in full game. Music for full game will be done by Dale North from Scarlet Moon Production This is the first MMMgame that will not use free music :)

4. The last update is the official page itself. Stage submission form is made so the players can easily upload their stage on official "Ever Growing" page

That is all for now. You can also check out new game I've been working out called "Code Evolved" on :)


"Make your Ever Growing" pdf book is in development - SKETCHES / CODES USE IN DEV / LEVEL IDEAS :)

Ever Growing lack of updates

I want to apologize for the lack of Ever Growing updates. The game is done. The only thing left to do is to add music into a game. Music will be ready soon but up until then I have no new updates for Ever Growing. All you should know is that the game will be done by the end of the month and until then you can check out my other project called Code: Evolved

Thank you for your patience :)

Few screenshots from the main game - Full game by the end of the month!


Ever Growing full game will be released in 2 weeks! Also, main Ever Growing page will be open for players so they can upload their creations. In the meantime, few more changes are made in the game. Firs TEST BUTTON is added. The player no longer has to press T on a keyboard to enter the level test mode in the level editor. Now you can click on a test button or press the start button on joystick :) Also a new option is added. If you scroll mouse button when you are in level editor mode you will change the look of the mouse cursor. There are 75 different cursors images to choose from! And that's it for now. Try out the demo if you haven't already and see you all soon with the full game release :)


Ever Growing puna verzija igrice izlazi za 2 nedelje! Takodje, glavna Ever Growing stranica ce biti otvorena za igrace koji zele da otpreme svoje kreacije i naprave ih dostupnim onlajn za sve. U medjuvremenu dodato je nekoliko manjih opcija. Za pocetak dodato je TEST dugme tako da igraci vise nece morati da pritiskaju T na tastaturi da bi testirali svoj nivo vec ce moci da kliknu na test dugme ili pritisnu start dugme na dzojstiku :) Takodje dodata je i opcija za promenu izgleda kursora. U level editor modu cete moci jednostavnim skrolom da promenite izgled kursora. Ocekuje vas 75 razlicitih kursor izgleda! Isprobajte demo ukoliko to do sada niste uradili i vidimo se uskoro sa punom verzijom igrice :)




Ever Growing day is near! - Ever growing trailer -

Ever Growing full game is finally released! More additional levels will be uploaded constantly on official Ever Growing page Your creations are welcome to :)

Check out EVER GROWING Official Soundtrack by Dale North & Frank van 't Ende (Scarlet Moon Records) on and of course, support their amazing work! :)

I'm currently working on a new #EverGrowing set of stages! :) If you want to design stages for Ever Growing please support my work and unlock Level Editor.


You need help for #EverGrowing level editor or you just want to find some #GML codes used in the Ever Growing making? Visit official page on :)

00 Cover.jpg03.jpg00 COVER (1).jpg06.jpg

#EverGrowing + Level Editor - Add few puzzles and make your stages more interesting :) (or here on :) )

attachFull7901 attachFull7902 attachFull7898 attachFull7899 attachFull7900

Regulate boss difficulty with the level design!

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