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General Feedback (First Person Platformer)

A topic by CameronOtten created Sep 05, 2018 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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Looking for some feed back from different skill levels of players on my game. I'd like it to be as accessible as possible while retaining a good difficulty level, for example the game Celeste. Any feedback is appreciated :D

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First off i found the presentation pretty pleasent. 
The audio is really good very pleasent and very fitting for the activities you do.

Im going to Feedback your game now.

  • First this needs to get optimized. Maybe you can split scenes up into smaller pieces and load chunks when they are needed. im running a pretty good rig here and this game Was fluctuating on the FPS often i had to run super low to get the right experience.  is it running occlusion culling? seems unreasonable since the game isen't that graphicly intense.
  • the introduction for the game is way too long. before you learn how to play. I think this should be one of the first things you get to touch and have the player not be punished while learning them. You can introduce jump, double jumping and dashing before you actually get into a gauntlet. 
  • Have reachable areas somehow show where to go the Graphics now arent super clear. Think mirrors edge with RED as an indicator you can have a RIM showing that thats the next area you need to get to.

Related image

  • I think the jumping puzzle are alittle Too samey and might need to reinforce some methods before forcing the player into something Too difficult. 
  • The best areas are the once that has a sort of safe but puzzly layout the coart yard is probably the most Flowy feeling part of the game. even though it could be so much better with a bit more tweaks.
  • The grabbing mechanic is YANK as f*** I undestood it after a while but it's unreasonable to have players use it sometimes, I would increase the players stamina A LOT so people can get to think  and process the layout a bit.  Or completly rework it into something else. Im not sure. It feels really strange i will just put it that way.
  • The dash is TOO aggresive with the FOV it's a cool effect but it's impossible to judge distance when the camera warps the world.
  • The player feels... very short like you are an incredibly small child.
  • The lock on the door needs a better asset. I couldent tell it was a lock, make it larger and more like an actaul keyhole. 
  • The recall mechanic is kind of underutilized in most of the game.  The best was the coartyard where you used it. But otherwise. I could have just landed on a checkpoint and it would have done the pegging thing it does when i hold Q.. maybe it's used later??  it seems alittle arbitrary.
  • Some level layout feels unfair sometimes where you have very little capability to see where you can jump. and yet i have to somehow figure out how to get there in the hang time i have for the grab so i jump and fail. I guess it's just go back up again, However i dident learn what i did wrong and when im up there again i have pretty much forgot the layout for that part, It feels neglectful from my perspective.

So i think you need to start thinking about flow more than challenge. and maybe Give the player some choices instead of railroading every room. Maybe there should be 2 solutions in a room sometimes unless it's really importent that there is one solution. It has to be fun aswell you know can't force too much complexity with out any form of levity. 

I dident have a moment in the game where i felt WOW i did it. it was more oh fuck i did it what now... oh okay... i see let's learn a completly new maneuver. Game is To eager to show how the mechanics work but you aren't willing to dive into when your game is fun for the player.

Try to pinpoint the experience you want from the player.  Now it seems like you are still testing out whats interesting which is fine.

I found the game to be very dead aswell. A lot of cubes but nothing really moves in the game. Maybe you can have simpler jump puzzles with moving platform.

I think it needs a lot of introspective Look at what the idea of the game is. and start scraping the weak level designs and replace it with more interesting stuff.

Otherwise good job you made a game. I'm sure it's has been a lot of work.

Thank you a lot for this, this is very valuable, its been a hard game to play test because it flows so well for me, but trying to get people to get to that point is very hard. I'm still not sure I'm ready for this project because of the amount of playtest work that would need to go into it so I'm not too sure if I'll continue with it for the time being, but thank you again. Theres a lot of more interesting mechanics like moving platforms and what not already coded, but it didnt want to throw too much stuff at the player, wanted to establish the basic movements first. And for the recall mechanic,  its intended to be somewhat of a puzzle mechanic, but the game changed too much to where its pretty much useless. I really appreciate the time you put into this though, pictures helped as well

I think if you had Devilered a Vertical slice version of the game. That shows all your ideas in very direct sections. Show each mechanic on their own might save you a lot of time and people can also get the idea quicker.

I think you can totaly do it but i think you over scoped a bit with the world.

actually have all your ideas in the game for a vertical slice but after people have played get an idea of what people like the most of these ideas. If they are tight your golden if some stuff aren't as good figure out why and maybe you can remedy that by some adjustments.