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AIDRA (AI Driven RPGMaker Assistant)

AI assistant tool to generate and manage your rpg maker mz / mv database & game content. · By coffeenahc

Some info befor buying it...

A topic by STh4nos created Jun 17, 2023 Views: 200 Replies: 3
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Hello, this tool seems to be wonderfull !!!

But... i need some info before going to purchase !

Do i have to put my game in english or can i leave it in french ?

if not,  can i write into the tool in french and then it will create items in french too ...?


Hi, the prompt could be in any language but it'll return an English response by default. However, If you specify it to return in a specific language, it'll work. 

Example: Créez 2 armes. Utilisez le français. (or Create 2 weapons. Use French)

and it'll create 2 weapons with names and descriptions in French. The same is through with quick action commands. 

OK fine. Should work even if rpg maker is in french ?