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How do I keep my save files after updating on android

A topic by 88flowerboy created Sep 02, 2018 Views: 748 Replies: 4
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hello. I just recently had updated the game to the latest public build on android. However, right after doing so, when I wanted to continue on from my previous save file, I noticed that it was gone. How do I prevent this from happening?

I've got a Samsung galaxy j7, but basically I download the newest patch, go to my "Samsung" folder in my apps screen, then i go to "my files", then "instalation files" which has a little circle with APK in it. I delete the older apk, and install the newer one.

dont your save files get lost after downloading the update?

I think it's because I download the update before I delete the old version, but no, I usually don't lose my progress or saves.

To keep the progress just update the app (install the new version without uninstalling the previous one) if you uninstall, your progress is gone, because there's no way to do a savefile backup.