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Dime A Dozen

A topic by TRIDIUM created May 29, 2023 Views: 1,334 Replies: 28
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Dime a Dozen is a turn-based RPG (Wow, who'da thunk it?) that takes inspiration from the idea of what I think Dragon Quest is like. (Never could get past the first 2 minutes). Meaning, the numbers are a lot lower, and every bit of damage counts. There is less elemental modifiers than most RPG's, and your MP is a lot lower. It will be made on RPG Maker VX Ace.

The setting is an unnamed Japanese city in the year 2045. Five or so years earlier, scientists discovered that another dimension existed. They named is the Zero Dimension, as it is an infinite void, with the only creatures able to exist there are parasites known as An0m@lies. They realize that these parasites can be embedded into humans, and vigorous experimentation is initiated.

Twelve subjects are chosen, most of them young teens, as subjects. They are given An0m@lic cells, and they become one with the An0m@lies. The results are as planned: Each of the subjects gains a powerful attribute, at the cost of their sanity. The subjects learn to cope, however, with the parasite, and live in unsteady peace at the facility.

Without warning, Grant, the oldest of the subjects, flies into a fit of rage and uses the gate to the Zero Dimension to let An0m@lies into the Japan.

The Hunters, a group of assassins, soldiers, and bounty hunters, are assembled to fight them all. In the end, the Hunters are victorious, and a deal is made with Grant.

All of the half An0m@lies are allowed to live normal lives if they promise not to use their powers. They are also forbidden to contact any of the other subjects besides their assigned partners. They all agree to this, and are content for a while.

The IDP (Inter-Dimensional Police), lead by Agent Z, grows restless. They are in charge of keeping track of all the half An0m@lies, and recently they have had trouble contacting some of them. They decide to take a head count, and order that they all check in. In the end, only four show up. Z asks them to help track down the rest, with the aid of a Hunter. They agree. The game follows these characters as they try to find and apprehend the remaining half An0m@lies.


All of the half An0m@lies are based on the Brand Archetypes. Their Archetype is noted next to their name.

Alexander (Hero)

Not respected by his peers, but a moral young man nonetheless. He is looked upon as pretentious, as he is Christian with a strong moral code. He has a deep appreciation for the fine arts, especially Classical music. Strangely, he is a aspiring game dev. He has a serious and mature personality that turns some people off. His power is the ability to move objects with his mind and create portals.

Eito (Caregiver)

Alexander's partner and best friend. He is a lovable loser who has a good heart, but despite his best efforts, cannot win a woman over. Generically happy and optimistic, he relies on other people rather than himself. His power is the ability to create shields around people.

Scarlet (Outlaw)

Bordering on insanity. She has a strange and cynical personality that can be hard to digest. She always has a “bit” going on, whether that's only speaking in cat-ese for the day or convincing Eito that he does not, in fact, exist. She enjoys chaos, and is not averse to causing it when she can. Deep down inside, though, she admires Alexander. Her power is the ability to create manipulate the elements.

Kazanai (Creator)

An expert artist and budding philosopher. She is very quiet, but wise and quite sure of her strengths and weaknesses. Her father trains her in Ju-jitsu, which she reluctantly practices. The other girls at school make fun of her due to her stutter, but Scarlet doesn't mind. Her power is the ability to manipulate people's mood.

That's the general idea, and I'd love to hear any feedback. I will post screenshots, but not today. 

Hurray! I fixed my framerate issue. I used DirectX implementation by invwiny. I highly recommend this tool. 

I also found out to do simple spacial sound. 

New screenshot

Had my old (1 year old) game streamed today by a youtuber. 1 year old is scary recent. I forgot how bad it was, plus, it didn't help that the stinkin' starting position was set to right before the first boss, not the start of the game. Doh!

Alright,  a demo is coming soon...

As soon as the artist I commissioned actually sends the art I need. 

The demo will be pretty short, covering the intro and up to the first boss. 

After I release the demo, and hopefully get some feedback, the game should take about a year to complete. I plan to make a trailer when I'm halfway through. 


Art for Scarlet.

A demo is out! You can play it here. 

It will be coming to itchio, I just want to fix it up a bit.

Demo released on Itchio! 

Ya can play it now! 

Please send feedback if you do!

Updated the demo 

Updated the demo again. Made some major changes, and added cosmetics!

Art update! 



I'm trying to download the demo version of it but it's taking ages. If I'm able I'll play it. I'm a JRPG / RPG composer and sound designer so I'm curious to see what's done of that in it, also "Each of the subjects gains a powerful attribute, at the cost of their sanity. The subjects learn to cope, however, with the parasite, and live in unsteady peace at the facility."

That reminds me a bit of this!



Ha ha, yeah, it's not a super original idea. 

Sorry about the download times! I can see if I can compress it more. 

(Also, big fan of your music!)


I tried playing the game but wasn't able to...!

Any ideia of what the issue is?

About your feedback of my music I really appreciate it!

I'll be waiting for feedback on this issue before I can play your game and give proper feedback!


Oh! Sorry! 

You'll need the VX Ace RTP, which you can get here

Someone just mentioned it yesterday, and I updated  the page.


Thanks, just played for a bit here! The story is interesting so far but I'll need more time  to better understand the details. I really liked the nighttime neon colours on the street, nice aesthetics! Also the dark electro / cybepunk music quite fits the game! I was listening myself to these kind of music on Spotify lately and it's a target style I'll be composing to. 


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

What would be the % of game development you already are in it?


Hoo boy. I'd say about, maybe %15-20? Lately, progress has slowed a bit, due to some personal issues, but it should pick up in a while. 


Cool. Yeah, totally understand that, balancing life with creative work is QUITE a challenge. Have you been inspired by games like Code Vein / Nier? Where did the japanese aesthetic came from as regarding your decision to have it in the game?


Fun fact, I actually  hate both Nier and Code Vein. 

Scarlet Nexus was the main inspiration, but I also really like Japanese culture in general.