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Building for Mac doesn't seem to work

A topic by Benji Kay created Sep 01, 2018 Views: 190 Replies: 3
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Hi there! Thanks for this rad tool!

I'm having an issue building for Mac, both with my own app and with your example app. When the built app is launched, rather than showing the provided web app, it seems to show a placeholder/default nw.js page. It also seems not to use the provided icon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated it!


Could you please try opening up the build.js file and removing the windows version from the compile lists? I think it might be trying to load a wine dependency that isn't working. 

You were right, the app built once I commented out 'win64' in the platforms. The icon still didn't work, though.

Just so you know, I went with an Electron app for my own project, but I am happy to help you troubleshoot the icon issue if you'd like me to.


Yeah if you want to try and tackle it, go ahead!
It's looking for something from WINE.