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New key distribution method for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and CSV imports

A topic by leafo created May 27, 2023 Views: 612 Replies: 1
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We’ve rolled out a new feature for those using the CSV import tool from their game’s dashboard. As a reminder, this tool allows you to import a CSV of email addresses and automatically generate download keys for access on It’s commonly used for Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can learn more about it here:

One pain point with this system has been that after generating your keys, you would likely want to notify your backers. Because the import consists of a list of email addresses from an unverifiable source (CSV file), we don’t allow you to send an email to the backers unless you get explicit approval from our staff to prevent spammers from abusing our system. If you’re on a deadline, waiting for someone from our team to review your account may not be ideal.

We’ve launched a new system that allows you to use a backer access URL, which you can publicly share with all your backers, that will allow backers to claim access. Assuming they have an account with a verified email address that matches one of the emails you included in your import, they will be able to access their download key immediately.

More information here:


Hi, I just wanted to reply to say thank you for engaging with me on this and for rolling out this feature. I can see this being super useful for everyone doing crowdfunding distribution. :)