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Alchemy Garden

Run your own little alchemy lab and make cool gardens! | Alchemy simulator game · By MadSushi

You made it free again?

A topic by itchid created Aug 30, 2018 Views: 112 Replies: 1
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Thanks alot! I don't have a job. I've been looking at this game since it was on the other engine. I've been working on a game of my own and I get how you can do tons of work and the sales are still not as good as you hoped. I look on my thing and people didn't even see my games page for like months lol. Maybe you'll have better luck on steam. Here there are so many games here just finding mine is almost impossible. Steam might be better because you have to pay to publish on steam so it seriously cuts down on the amount of random games they gotta look through to find it. Best of luck to you, hope your sales pick up- ps I feel like a mooch downloading this for free


Hey itchid!

Thank you for being here from the beggining, this makes me very happy! 

Yep, I put the game free again, the vast majority of the games on this platform are free, so in my case is not worth having 1-3 purchases a day versus 30-80 daily downloads with a free version. I prefer a lot of people playing the game and recieving their feedback and yeah, I want to put the game on Steam at the end of the year, I have payed the publishing fee and I will put this version if I wish, but I prefer work on game improvements and adding new content (this is urgent) before publishing on Steam.

Don't feel guilty for downloading Alchemy Garden for free, I want to make the coolest game possible and prove myself as a game designer.

I wish you the best of luck!