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thanks im gonna maybe use ur chicken ^_^

I saw the screenshots and my eyes went like this O_O

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This was made with Godot. I am sorry but I can only read English. All the things on my current list of programs that I put on has been made with Godot. I had seen the Godot jam but I didn't know the rules and it was not in English.

auto-drawing surfaces added to V4

Added save functionality to V3

v2 contains a beta version quiz mode, let me know if you find bugs.

PixelArt Free Game Assets

I used these in this slots game ! Cheers for free stuff.

I reworked the box ai, spawn timer adjustments, and added sound.

reworked a bug with collision.

Yay looking forward to whatever you guys do with this :P

Is this even where all the states go???? Hope its right I downloaded a map to make the template. Hope it wasn't wrong. I don't even know where all the states go.(sadly my geography isn't that good....YET :P

I kinda wanna steal your idea and make my own version

I added first floor, second floor, roof, walls, siding.

The graphics on this are amazing great job!

Got the basement in the mix... cinderblocks all around ^_^

Added a hole and a ladder.

:P got that new game vibe goin... gotta make it real nice like ^_^

added a sixth level, reworked a bug with the scoring system

This is pretty cool! Good job :P

tryed exporting it to a whole bunch of platforms, no idea if it actually works ROFL

added a fifth level, optimized a bit.

I added a fourth level, and auto-saving high scores.

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Thanks for these models. I used one of your models(although i didn't actually implement it in its 3d form, i actually took a 2d pic of it and stuck it in front of the 3d camera. rofl it still looks nice. Check it out if u wanna its Bazinga Blaster on

(1 edit)

I was just messing around in godot and I have a game i've been working on since 9/7/2018 (I didn't even know about the jam). Does it matter if I didn't start it at the right time or anything like that? Also, it doesn't have anything to do with the theme. Its currently on version Its already up on itchio on my page if u wanna look its called bazinga blaster. I don't really care about the competition part of it per se, more of I just want some extra exposure for my game(plus it was made in godot, which i feel is highly on topic for this jam). (edit also, if i just submitted, it would have been worked on for 7 days (the length of the jam) just offset eariler.

(2 edits)

added a second level, and sound (edit- added a third level, optimized some stuff

worked on this. changed some things, added something to do etc etc.

(2 edits)

Changed some things, made it run smoother, right click blast works better,  gravity ball sticks to the surfaces now.

I animated the blaster (took longer than you'd think)

I added multiple re-spawning boxes. I also added auto-fire.

added hp bars, game over screen, reworked projectiles collision coding

plan on adding more stuff, its just barely started

Badass Audrey is working with me on this.

(2 edits)

Added a lot of tutorial-esque info windows, and more progression with the boxes. The game ends out about when you get to plant and harvest some plants in the geodome. At least the clueless folks will have some idea what they are doing. Not too much gameplay to be had so far sadly. Still let me know what you think, ideas suggestions etc. Tried porting it to linux and mac but i don't know if it even worked it would be nice to know. Anyways have fun. I was thinking i might add a quest log and get all that rubbish off the screen. meh lotsa work still to do. double edit-forgot i disabled the crusher because it hadn't been programmed in yet so that it can be "made".

The constructor makes some things now, also I added a Crusher(which also makes some new things). Also added a cheat where you can press B to get Cargo Boxes (for those who don't wanna hunt around and gather all the cargo boxes.) Still no save function, though I don't see much point in doing that yet.

Added a constructor. It doesn't actually make anything yet but I gave it some animation. You can see it animate by holding 'E' while near it

I added some sprites for wheat and made the plants plant-able and harvest-able.

Well i added some planters and made some sprites for corn and tomato plants. They aren't rigged up so they are plant-able yet. I also changed Buildbots size, and the door for the Geo-dome because Buildbot couldn't fit in there.

I added kind of a tutorial for what you're supposed to be doing in the earliest stages of the game, still needs polishin up. Working on it hope you guys like it so far. If you guys have any suggestions on what i should add feel free to comment. I was thinking of adding some planters in the biodome so you can grow some food plants in there :P. I was also thinking I need something to make with all the stuff from the particle separator.