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Export options and REAL utily of the tool

A topic by LordMystirio created Aug 29, 2018 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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First of all, I wanna apologize for my bad english, I'm a french native speaker.

I have found your tool and it looks quite interesting. I have two questions:

1- What are the current export options and what are the one planned for the future?

2- It feels more like a "toy" than a tool , yet I'm pretty sure that it could be of some "professional" use.  What are the current situations that you think Two3D could be useful for?

Thanks for your time :-)

EDIT: I couldn't wait, I jumped ahaead and bought it , I still hope I'll get answer to those questions thou :-)

Hi LordMystirio,

thanks for your question and no need to apologize! Even more, your english is perfectly fine.

Currently it is only possible to export to a fixed size png, but you can freely choose the camera perspective or choose one of the default angles. It is quite limited in that regard but I will add more in the future, different export sizes etc. I will also try to add a 3D model export option in the future, but can't promise anything.

Totally agree with the "toy  feeling" part and that is actually a good thing, I want it to be playful but also mature into something that can be used professionally. I initially started this with the idea in mind that creating isometric pixelart (just as an example) is quite tricky. And if I would just make a tool where I create those pixels (the blocks) in 3D in a very simple way, I could then take a picture of that 3D object from all angles I need for my game and export it.

With the current version available (0.3 at the time of writing) I don't think there is a situation that two3D is very useful, apart from playing around with it and getting a hang of the physics for later projects. And also being on board very early and getting two3D for a low price as a thanks for supporting the development. You will obviously get all future updates for free.

I am working very hard on the next update which will make it more useful as it will add save/load capabilities for the objects you create as well as the option to create your own palettes with your own materials. Your imagination is the limit! :)

One thing on my roadmap is also to make the size of the platform configurable (currently fixed on 16x16), but I need to get the main functionality fairly stable first.


PS: Thanks for your support!


 I have no idea how I missed your reply. 

 I appreciate that you replied so fast.  After reading your answer, there is not much I could say if not that I truly wish to see this grow and have more and more fun with it. :-) I hope the community will get bigger too. ^^