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About the saving is not a stupid question at all, more like a stupid oversight from my end. I only add feature after feature to the menu but I think it's time to overhaul the menu a bit. Currently you can only save once you have changed something in the editor, which will mark your filename as changed (you should see a * next to the name at the top). When you then click close it should save it. I have to improve the saving stuff - which will include the export overwrite things that I need to fix as well.

The build command - oops, I think that is actually a bug, sorry. You should never loose any work, and yes it should ask you if you want to save.  Will see if I can fix for the next release.

The saving stuff won't be in the upcoming 0.7 version as I try to release fairly frequently and am pretty busy currently with the next big feature (editing layers - finally! but psst, don't tell anyone :D ).

Awesome, thanks for your feedback!

Glad the .obj file works in all of them, that's very good to know!

Sorry about the misunderstanding with the import function (I really have to start writing a manual), you cannot re-import the .obj file (I know that's confusing). You can only import two3D objects (*.23d file) that you have previously created, because they have a special format and are different in how they handle materials etc. (An .obj file does not hold that information anymore).
Clicking "add object" should give you a dialog that lists all the other objects you previously created and saved with two3D. Currently it just lists everything from your main data folder (to find out where that is click "about" in the main menu) as I have no "select folder/file" dialog yet - will add that in the future.

Saving a new file overwrites the old one? You mean in the editor itself or with the export function? Because the editor itself should not overwrite a *.23d file. But the export function currently does, that is correct. As that can create multiple files I found it easier to just overwrite as I thought the main reason is to modify the object and export again to update the exported files. Hm. What behaviour would you expect? Could detect first (before starting to write all export files) if there is at least one file that would be overwritten and in that case pop up a dialog to ask if overwrite or abort? Or select folder for export (once I have a folder select dialog).


Actually some functionality is already in there - did you check out "Camera" in the editor menu? Sorry not the best name yet, but selecting camera and then having "all" as export option selected and clicking export should create screenshots of your object from all different angles - as well as creating an .obj file that you can import in other 3d applications. 

Let me know if you run into any issues please! And feel free to share an image or two, would love to see what you make!

Sorry I meant the player character, not an enemy. As long as I was not pressing "right" he was always running automatically to the left, like the left arrow key got stuck. Was playing with keyboard on windows.

Just played the demo, fantastic game, will definetly show the testers at my company :D Wondering if it is a "supposed" bug that the guy always runs to the left or a real one? Anyway, can't wait for the final version, great job!

Hi LordMystirio,

thanks for your question and no need to apologize! Even more, your english is perfectly fine.

Currently it is only possible to export to a fixed size png, but you can freely choose the camera perspective or choose one of the default angles. It is quite limited in that regard but I will add more in the future, different export sizes etc. I will also try to add a 3D model export option in the future, but can't promise anything.

Totally agree with the "toy  feeling" part and that is actually a good thing, I want it to be playful but also mature into something that can be used professionally. I initially started this with the idea in mind that creating isometric pixelart (just as an example) is quite tricky. And if I would just make a tool where I create those pixels (the blocks) in 3D in a very simple way, I could then take a picture of that 3D object from all angles I need for my game and export it.

With the current version available (0.3 at the time of writing) I don't think there is a situation that two3D is very useful, apart from playing around with it and getting a hang of the physics for later projects. And also being on board very early and getting two3D for a low price as a thanks for supporting the development. You will obviously get all future updates for free.

I am working very hard on the next update which will make it more useful as it will add save/load capabilities for the objects you create as well as the option to create your own palettes with your own materials. Your imagination is the limit! :)

One thing on my roadmap is also to make the size of the platform configurable (currently fixed on 16x16), but I need to get the main functionality fairly stable first.


PS: Thanks for your support!

two3D community » Release notes · Created a new topic 0.1

First released version of two3D. Contains basic functionality, like spawning blocks as layers or with gravity turned on as individual blocks. Pre-defined list of materials, containing fire, grenades, sun and concrete. 

He mate, thanks! Yeah sorry, I put the quit in to exit the application - that only works in the windows version. As one cannot quit the web version, it just doesn't do anything. Didn't have time in the 48h to make the WebGL build not showing the button. Maybe in a future release :)