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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools · By Jeiel Aranal

Sprytile for Blender Game Engine

A topic by D-Games Studios created Aug 27, 2018 Views: 607 Replies: 4
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Hello, I tried to make a map for my game "Night Storm" with Sprytile but when I start it in "Standalone player", I see all the faces separately as you can see above. Can somehow fix that, please?

(I'm from Germany, so forgive my bad english translated by google translator.)


Hi. I'm not familiar with using Blender Game Engine, is there a way to turn off anti aliasing? Turning off anti aliasing fixes this problem in Unity.

Anti Aliasing  ist allready turnt off.

I'm using UPBGE, a special version of Blender which supports a better Game Engine.

I found this error message in the blender console.

what is   totblock: 1   ?

Is filtering turned on for the texture? Try turning off any filtering on the texture, as well as mipmaps.