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All Possible Animations (Contains Spoilers) Sticky

A topic by LAGS created May 14, 2023 Views: 67,215 Replies: 171
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Please avoid using this thread if you wanna have fun of discovering these animations yourself. It's only those people who wanna find all animations available in the game.

Ghosts:- All ghost have 2 animation one after getting attacked or capturing them. (10 animations)

  • Powerghost
  • Kupper
  • Shy
  • Countlanak
  • Bloody Mariam
  • Bansheep
  • Weseen

Player with NPC/Recruits:-

1) Luna:- 3

  • Regular
  • College Uniform - Collect her uniform from her house
  • Ragged Cloths - In Rose's safe in Asylum level

2) Wendy:- 2

  • Naked
  • White T-Shirt - Found in Tess's house

3) Delivery Girls (All 5 girl have same animations):- 2

  • Oral - Buy Lunch Box or Honey Milk worth of 400 coins
  • Anal - Buy Lunch Box or Honey Milk worth of 800 coins

4) Others:- 3

  • Liz - Found in Abandoned Shed
  • Sabrina - Find her note at player's front door, capture ghost in Luna's home then talk to Sabrina.
  • Gloria - Solve asylum mannequin puzzle then meet her at your front door.

NPC Animations:-

1) Mac:- 5

  • Luna - When at her house, message Mac on tablet until he asks her to come to her room, capture ghost then she will go to her bedroom. You will not be able to see the animation.
  • Harleen - Before catching ghost they can be in a toilet stall. After catching ghost they may move to one of the couches. They have two animations that will be selected randomly. One animation has different variants.
  • Melanie/Gina - After talking to Harleen and Mac, you may see this animation after catching the ghost.
  • Jennifer - Same as Melanie.

Poker Girl's:- 5

  • Judy
  • Athena
  • Suzy - Suzy has another animation. If you beat her once and lose to her in next game she may trigger her extra animation. Once this animations is triggered it will appear in the gallery at random until player beats her or she beats player but refuse to have sex.
  • Rose

V.0.1.1.X Animations Check List:-

1) Ghost:-

  • Tall Lady - 3

Secret Animation :- Keep a lit candle next to her before initiating banishment sex. If you run out of stamina she will take over and trigger her secret animation. This will end the contract but also cost 1000 coins.

  • Willy Wisp - 2

2) Luna:- 

  • Demonic Lust Cloths

Lust Leotard :- Splash cum water on the mannequin in front of Erotic World shop.

Lust Horns :- Lust must be recruited for them to appear.

3) Nina:- 

  • Regular - Must complete some contract (or just start and end) to unlock her regular animation.
  • Secret - After her regular animation is unlocked, any time you run towards kitchen immediately after returning from a contract you will catch Nina in her fox form.

4) Others:- 

  • Rebecca X Mac
  • Ursula X 2 Dudes

V.0.1.2.X Animations Check List:-

1) Ghost:-

  • Bansheep - After knocking her down, use dagger to cut her cloths. This animation is different from banishment animation and player can fuck her as long as they desire. After leaving her idle for 10-20 seconds she will go back to her wandering state.
  • Conjurer - 2
  • You-Rei? - 3

Secret You-Rei :- If you see reddish flames instead of blue one, you can trigger her special animation. When she is chasing you during a hunt, strike her with the dagger (this will only work if you strike her while she is moving during a hunt). Let her go and next time she catches you she will use different animation this time.

2) Wendy:- 

You must beat Rose or complete Faith's quest to get code to a safe in Evergreen University. It has a soul orb that can transfer Wendy's soul into different vessels mentioned below. Must catch the ghost first before using the orb on them.

  • Tall Wendy :-

This vessel is in the sex room in the asylum map. It's hint is not available until Mayscape update but it's 'DAHLIA'.

If you are not able to figure it out see the numbers on your keyboard the key in little tilted line.

  • Short Wendy :-

You must complete Faith's quest to get this vessel. To begin her quest, catch the ghost in Evergreen University and wait until the clock hit 3 (36 minutes in real life), then two boys will appear on the first floor along with a girl. You don't have to wait until they are done. Just interact with them and make sure they mention the girl's name(Faith/Mariko). After that go to blank room with symbols on the wall and interact to change pattern so that way to the past is unlocked (you will get a hint in class 4-2). 

If everything is done correctly, Faith will be standing outside of a door. Talk to her until you get an option to tell her the truth. If you didn't take advantage of her she will ask you for a mirror if you exhaust her dialogue (if you did take advantage she will be mad at you and quest is failed). Buy a dark mirror and drop it near her then interact with her until she tells you to go away.

After doing to this go back to your home, select same contract again and go to blank room. Her vessel should be there now.

  • Doll Wendy :-

This one is simple. You have to open the storage unit in Sunflower city streets.

3) Recruits:- 

  • Irene - She will appear in blank room after you change the pattern on wall to summon her. Hint about it can be seen on left side wing of the university on every floor. It is only visible with UV light.
  • Tess's Robot - You will find her along with her bot in class 1-2. Talk to her until she ask you to go home. Return home and from next contracts she will be there in the truck.

3) Other NPC:- 

  • Faith X Boy1 & Faith X Boy2 :- Only seen if never started Faith's quest so you have only one chance to unlock them. Talk to both of them while they are having sex with her or after they are taking rest.
  • Faith X Player :- You can either wait for your turn to get these animations or complete Faith's quest and find her ghost in class 3-2 to unlock these.
  • Threesome 1 & 2 (Class 3-2) :- Simple talk to both groups to unlock that animations. (Don't appear after successfully completing Faith's quest)
  • Girl X Boy (Storage Room) :- Talk to them to unlock the animation.
  • Tori X Leon (Other World) :- Reverse the pattern you see for coming back to original world. 
  • Anya X Harold (Past Storage Room) :- Can be access from blank room wall pattern. Hint is in Luna's room.
  • Hannah of Toilet (Unban Legend 1) :- Like the legend, press 'E' to knock on the third bathroom stall on the third floor of girl toilet (no icon will be visible). After knocking three times hide inside. You will hear her laughing three times before engaging in sexual act.

V.0.2.0.X Animations Check List:-

1) Ghost:-

  • Thunder girl - 2 animations
  • Suck-ass-bee - 4 animations

2) Recruits:-

  • Liz - One animation

3) Others:-

  • Mac x Judy - 2 animations
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Youve done wonderful work on all of these animations, your truly and artist 


Thank you.

hola una pregunta hay una animación secreta llamada judy1 y judy2 y síes que la hay existe una manera de sacarla 


So Tall Lady has 3 animations and  Willy Wisp has 2? If so then how do i get the third animation of Tall Lady?

Will Tall Lady's third animation be added to the gallery?


Yes, in the upcoming update.

how to get the 3rd animation

It hasn't implemented yet, you will get it in the next update.

Takes time to update👍


Keep a candle near her in when you knock her down but don't capture her. Wait for stamina to reach to zero and she will take over. Right now, it's not watchable in gallery.

Can you perform it in game or is it just not on in the current update I’ve attempted it a few times and no luck if it’s in the game currently 


you can, you have to light the candle, take her down to the floor, hehe, then X and move the speed away from her heart speed and let your Stamina (GREEN BAR) Run out to 0


That third animation with the tall lady got me thinking... Just an idea, maybe in the future every ghost can have a failed capture animation.

Let's say if you do not have enough stamina, you cancel the ghost capture in order not to lose the game. It would make the game more intense.

You are doing a great job, content is fresh and fun! Keep cooking! :D 

(1 edit)

you should create a ghost that can become all the ghosts you've captured since the beginning of the game, and with this ghost you can use the animations you've also discovered since the beginning. (it's an idea)


I have two plans for such ghost. Will decide between them when I'm making it.

* imagines a woman with cat ears called "Copycat"*


21. Darkness

22. Manifest (No cat ears though)

23. Watergirl

24. Don't Look

25. Doppelganger (Ted female form)


Not bad names at all. Manifest has a better horror aspect to the name.

(1 edit)



cursed nurse

twins (2 girls in a same animation + protagonist)


(here some ideas of ghost, just helping, i don't mind if you don't choose them)


I have designed all ghost 19 ghosts plus extra 5 ghost I'm planning to add in the game. Nurse and demon/succusbus is going to be part of it.

Deleted 171 days ago

how to

  • Melanie/Gina - After talking to Harleen and Mac, you may see this animation after catching the ghost.
  • Jennifer - Same as Melanie.

good, i like tall lady  


Yes, probably the most loved ghost by everyone.

How do i get Nina secret animation?


Once she let's you have sex with her, any time you return from an investigation rush to the kitchen to catch her in her fox form.

(1 edit) (+1)

you can see the animation of MAC and LUNA:

at LUNA'S house place 1 video camera in LUNA'S room

go back to the trailer use tablet to message MAC and ask him to come over

capture ghost, LUNA will go up to her room and would not let you in

go to trailer, you can watch her and MAC on the computer through the camera you placed in the room


How to recruits Liz?? 

I wanna know to.... LAGS answer us pleasss🥹


She will be available in later updates.

LAGS... will there be anything else about LIZ or is it just the tutorial scene?

I don't think Liz is recruitable, isn't she a NPC?

Her job is to get fucked by anyone walks by her

How i can get last "one hot nurse"

So far there's only 3 nurses?


Not exactly. She will be recruitable  in a  future update.


She will be recruitable in a future update not this one though.

Deleted 81 days ago
(2 edits) (+1)

You need to use cummed water first to knock her down, then rip her clothes with dagger, then do the doggy

Also whats the code to roses safe?

its different for everyone and changes daily, you have to beat her yourself, lags was a smart one when he did this code lol

the homeless girl in the poker game  on lunas tablet, ive already beat her should i re beat her


No, you can watch scene in gallery on that tablet and scroll though the dialogs


what he said above!  just watch the gallery and look for the code

Hey, can we get an estimate on when you're going to put the animation list for 0.1.2.X here


On 1 Sep.

is there anyway i can reset the quest for Mariko (blonde girl in university?)


There is not way unless you reset your memories data. If will erase most animations and reset game progress back to when the game started.

like all the way to beginning or just from update?

quelle quête ?

Is Tedd gonna get the magic ring from Mac 


No. It's gonna be with him until the end.

bonjour a quoi sert l'orbe obtenu dans le coffre de rose au lycée svp

Et je ne comprend pas où obtenir le code pour la maison clause,est il obtenable?



Did you see a doll in Sunflower City? Press 'E' near her after you have got the soul orb and caught the ghost. Wendy's will possess that doll until you recover soul orb from same place. There are two more vessels in current version. I don't understand the second question as it's not translated that well.

la deuxième question était le code de l'asylum mais c'est bon. Merci beaucoup 

Anya X Harold? Past storage room? But you cant get there in the past. And you can't place a camera there, cause you won't be able to check it in the past. How do one see that scene? Am I missing smth?


It's other past storage room. Different from the one you see Faith standing outside. A previous map is updated with hint to this location.

(1 edit)

How to get Mac and Tess scene? 


Once you catch ghost in the asylum, see if Harleen and Mac are out of toilet stall. If they are still in the stall or Jennifer or Gina joined them then you will have to restart the contract. If they are on a couch take Tess robot to that place and make it watch the act.

Thanks for the answer!

(1 edit)

pls someone help me with the keycode for the sex room and the puzzle in asylum


316981 — sex room

The puzzle with mannequins can be solved through the board of "best workers" (where 7 women and their years of work in this asylum are written). You must go in order from the least year of work to the longest, that is, you must choose the mannequins in turn.

thx a lot dude

Deleted 105 days ago

When the updated list?

Realspiritdayo17 days ago

Hey, can we get an estimate on when you're going to put the animation list for 0.1.2.X here


LAGSDeveloper15 days ago(+1)

On 1 Sep.


It's already updated with little walkthroughs.

Hi loving the work! Quick question, Do i have to restart my game to do all those quests because they don't seem to be showing up for me? And also is there a way to make tall lady more likely to appear? I have been constantly restarting but haven't had her spawn in again?


If you mean Faith quest then there is no way to reset it yet. It is a planned in for a future update. Once you get that secret recruit you will be able to have better chances of ghost you prefer. For now, in option menu set reroll option to no.

Also maybe consider adding a cheat to see opponents hand in poker? It seems to be very unfair to the player


Poker game is not going to be in future updates but you can also cheat by pressing your opponents cards.

Anya X Harold (Past Storage Room) :- Can be access from blank room wall pattern. Hint is in Luna's room.

I can't find the hint in her room

never mind am dumb

will u be adding the other ghost in the next update?


Upcoming content is displayed in this post :-

how long will it take for the next update?


This one will take long since working on an update for HTA.

I have a question. Is there any other animation in storage room? Once a ghost counjer sent me to a secret room where there was a sex scene. The interior looked like a storage room, but there were completely different people there, not a purple-haired girl and not a fat man.  Maybe I'm confusing something...


Must have been the old version, where you glitched you places you are not suppose to be unless accessed with a key. That animation is done but key to that storage room will be available in a future map.

That is, it was a bug and it is better not to look for this scene? And yes, that scene was in college...

How can i order lunch box with 400 and 800 coins? I don't see option anywhere from both Luna and the place


When buying items from Luna, buy bottom two items on the third page. You can only buy 6 of each at a time so you will need to eat them to buy new batch.

I figured it out after ask this question like 30mins later after the ghost drain my hp like hell and saw that girl stand there and didn't know what to do but i know now 👍

also i stumbled on a bug(?) In the college building, i keep getting teleport randomly on the 3rd floor when i reach the 3rd floor and also, it is possible to unlock scene that I've past the condition to unlock it like luna scenes after i bring wendy back


Not a bug. Conjurer randomly teleport you when she haunts the place even if she is caught. I didn't understand Luna and Wendy question.

so I've done the quest that bring Wendy back and luna left but idk that there's a scene of mac x luna so that's seems to be unavailable to me now, that's the question 

where can i find the code for the safe in marrisa halway in the asylum 


You will find hint and solution photo in nurse 1 room.


where should i use the irisne code pls?


Get 6 numbers from using the left photo of the hint.

i don´t know what suggestion is and photo, could you hepl me?

look the numbers and letters of the phone on the left

no entiendo explícate

(1 edit)

I am interested in the poker game, but I have already purchased the game from dlsite..... Can I have the poker version? I could provide proof of purchase from dlsite.


Poker game will be gone forever from here as well but you can still play it by downloading the demo version. You just have to make sure you have found the tablet in full version first for it to appear in demo.  If you are trying it then let me warn you. Rose, the fourth girl is going to be tough to defeat.

Bad news for me.  Anyway, Thank you for talking about this. I will continue to support you.

Where is the Blank Room?


Evergreen university, third floor. It's locked so you have to find master key.


hey, I need help with Nina, I've done contracts but I can't find her, can someone please guide me?


On City Street map, catch the ghost. Wait for 10 second any where on the map except Hot Girls club road. She should be there right in front of Hot Girls club.

HI LAGS, I like this game,and i have some questions .where can i find luna after wendy possess the doll?  

And do you have any plans to translate the game into Chinese?  some people like this game just like me but they are not good at English, if you have plan,i can help you with the translation.   Thanks


You will not be able to find get her back as an assistant once you get Wendy. I was originally going to make her ghost wandering an alley in the city level but it's scrapped for something else.

I have machine translated Japanese because I wanted to put it on DLSite and reading written reviews I learnt the only saving grace for machine translation is that it's attracting people who have played Phasmo. There are so many dialogues written in this game and many will be added and change in the future. If I hire people translate it for me it will cost me more than what I have earned myself.

But people can edit .csv files in to translate nearly on all text in the game. There is one problem with the version uploaded here. For now, it has no option to resize text causing many text to go out of bounds.

I bought this game from DLSite,  I tried to edit .csv files ,however, due to my limited knowledge, there are also many problems in the process, such as many text  go out of bounds.

Although I also want to help with the translation, but considering that your situation and my free time are very different, it may be better not to translate, and even there will be many problems in translation.

Or translation into Chinese may not even be as popular as translation into other languages, because most Chinese people won't buy the game. It might make you do something pointless, sorry to bring this ridiculous idea to your attention

Thanks for your reply,I see you're preparing for the next update,I also like your other game called Hailey's Treasure Adventure,I look forward to the next update.

When will the next update be? What ghosts will be added?

Developer (1 edit)

Due to an error I have found with DLSite version I have to speed up an update for with a new map and two new ghosts so it will be soon. Check update v.0.2 devlog update for upcoming ghosts.

Cómo veo la animación de faith 1 y faith 2???


If you mean by gallery then it's bugged for the moment. After this update you will need to reset all quest and recruit status and try getting Faith's animations again.

can you change Wendy's Body to Tall to Short to Doll?

is there a way to see luna after giving wendy a vessel


Yes, you will see the orb on the place where you find that vessel.

No way to get her back without resetting  collected object data.

(2 edits)

so if i want to change wendy's body back to tall i just have load up where i got the tall body?
and since Luna is gone why not transfer her outfits to wendy since we cant see luna again without resetting


Yes, you can.

Wendy have separate set of outfits. Giving her Luna's will be like creating new animations for her.

hello, could anyone send me the file with the game where everything is open?

so are the 4 animations of the succubus random or do they need special interactions like for the tall lady or you-rei ?

Tess does not end up in the truck after talking to her. Caught the ghost.


She will join in next investigation.

What is the 2nd macXjudy animation other than the one of them in the booth in the new map


You can find Len's animation.

(1 edit)

Sorry i'm still confused, who is Len?

Edit: So I did find the Len animation with the player, is there a 2nd macXjudy animation or just the one?

(1 edit) (+1)

how did you found Len's animation? Been running back and forth the university  still couldn't find it 

Edit : NVM I've got it

How did you find it I’m still looking.

could you tell me.

Read this post I got it figured out from there.

Hey LAGS, are you still working with the other person on the wiki for your game? There are still a couple animations I can't figure out and need help to try and unlock. Thanks for everything LAGS


I just provide info so it will be correct. If tell me what animations you are missing then I can give you some hints on how to get them.

so im missing the mac x judy animation but i alr have the one with them in the past


Do you have the University one? If yes, then the other one is in Shepherd's household. You will need Irene recruited to trigger it. Put her on non assist mode, catch the ghost in the map and find a bell charm and cut it down with dagger. After a while they should appear in the dojo.

I am trying the get the urban legend 1, from the university. I knock three times but no laughing happens

Nvm she finally came lol

could you tell me university one.


Get old university master key from Shepherd's household. Then go back in the past using correct combination in the university level.

Deleted 37 days ago

I can't find the key.

oh. Found it.

(1 edit)

How did you got Judy x Mac in the past animation?

Edit: NVM I've got it

There is a note at the main base that says there is a secret lab in Hillford Asylum. The Entrance is hidden near Harleen. Is that a W.I.P feature or is it there and I am just not looking hard enough

Developer (1 edit)

It's there in current update. A hint... how do you enter a door in this game?

I am stuck too lol


Okay, press W on left side of the mannequin.

Trying to start Faith/Mariko's quest but I can't seem to start it despite trying everything. On the forum, it says to wait until the clock hits 3 for the 2 men and Faith to arrive at the stairwell, but they seem to arrive right after I capture the ghost. I also cant seem to find Faith waiting next to the door in the past, even though I did not fuck her. She only appears after I fail her quest. I don't know if its just me or I should reset my game and start again.
Can someone help me ??


The 30 minute wait is obsolete. Now she appears as soon as you capture the ghost. Once she appears you must talk to any of the boys until you get her name. After that you will find her in the past.

for some reason, i have the same problem and i still cannot figure out how do to it. do you need to do this the 1e time or event after that its fine? cause she never seem to spawn after i capture the ghost after i leave and comeback again. also event following the guideline, and set the good symbol, she never move from the bottom floor and seem stuck there. 

(1 edit)

Is the Urban legend animation still possible to get after you completed faith's quest?

Also is it possible to get the tall wendy animations?


Yes, Urban legend don't have anything to do with it.

Tall Wendy animations are done but there is no official hint in game yet.

Seen like I got problem

How to solve it.

Dr. Blight - (WIP) Lustful Spirit Hunt (18+) community -

Where Dr.Blight , have you found her.

it locked


Her secret door is hidden next to the mannequin named Harleen.

Found it

(1 edit)

Hey LAGS is are these all of mac's animations? I don't know if im missing anything.

I dont know if you can see the screenshot its Harleen 1 and 2, Melanie, Jennifer, Rebecca, Luna, Tess, Stall, Judy 1 and 2. I got 10 in total.


There is a secret one with Tess.

Deleted 34 days ago

got it thx

how did you got the tess one without cosplay??

Is Liz in this last update and if yes how can I recruit her ?

Len? - (WIP) Lustful Spirit Hunt (18+) community -

I cant find this key to the past storage room is there something special you need to do.

(1 edit)

The key is in Shepherd Family Residence but You need to go to  first to Sunflower City Streets and do a little riddle, then when enter to the shepherd family a girl is waiting in the entrance of the family after the ghost was catch, the key is in one of the rooms

idk why i'm not able to complete faith's quest. so unknowingly i talked to those two guys in the first floor and i ended the game and after that they just disappeared, even though i did the code faith never appears


You have initiated her quest. If you didn't have sex with her there then you can get her good ending. Find her in the past version of hallway using portal in the empty room.

Deleted 18 days ago
(1 edit)

how do i unlock haunted doll scenes and also the tori one?


You need all three doll parts and Sabrina & Lust recruited.

i found the toy and the doll but i cant see the third one in asylum and i have sabrina and lust


it's in the university level now.

i see the faith's ghost but what do i do to unlock the animation??

Use cummed water

Deleted 14 days ago

I did Faith's quest and kind fin Luna what happened?

she leaves lmaoo but now you gained a wife

Developer (1 edit)

Doing Faith's quest doesn't make her disappear. Using the orb to revive Wendy does.

I think there are 2 new animations with judy and mac. I found one in the dojo, but can you give me a hint about the second one?

Behind PAST locked door in university. I think key is in the Spephards

can anyone give me a hint for tori's animation


If you have went to the past in 1996 you will see a combination to come back to your world. Tori is Ted in other world. Hope this hint helps.

How to unlock suck ass bee's all animations?and when's next update

You'll need get her mad until she enter in badass mode, after this wait her begin to porsuit you, then use cummed water 4 or 5 times without be caught. After this she will fall and be available to fuck.