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Textless accessibility feature and menus

A topic by OhiraKyou created Aug 26, 2018 Views: 64 Replies: 2
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Does the textless option that can be selected under accessibility features in a game's metadata settings include games that are textless in-game but have text-based pause and main menus?

What about level name labels in front of level portals?

Does textless simply imply that a game can be played fully without losing anything by not being able to read text?

Basically, to what degree does a game have to be textless for the textless metadata to be reasonably applicable?


That's a good question. I asked it myself just recently, and couldn't get a definitive answer. But people seem to agree that a game qualifies if you can press a key to start, without reading any menu, and have fun in there even if you can't read any text that may be present. If you do need to read in order to get very far, or win, or simply to use more advanced moves, then it's ambiguous; use your best judgement. But if it's just "use the arrow keys and space (or the mouse) and go pew-pew at baddies", the textless label probably applies even if technically there's some text in there. It's very hard to avoid all of it.

Sounds reasonable enough. Thanks!