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Please test my first game.

A topic by jamer8 created Aug 25, 2018 Views: 297 Replies: 3
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This is my first game that I made.

It's like a platformer, but with some differences:

  • There is a flood.
  • Wall jumping.

But... It isn't noticed. please test this and give feedback.

This ended my playtrough of the game. I got stuck in a wall  and that made the music get stuck aswell. 

Okay so you have a lot of Convayance issues in your game. (Where do i go what do i do)

I think this game could be alot stronger if you have levels that are less Sloped and keep tightly with the more Squareshapes just for clearity.

It reads better and it's easier to design challanges if you keep to a structure.

just tidiying up things visually helps a alot. 

theres a big save code bar in the browser though which is really strange. 

Well i guess it has a good potential to it but : 

  1. Wall jumping feels so automatically. the moment u press jump and colliding into wall u are automatically wall jump and that is a big problem in this game
  2. I always get stuck in 3rd level
  3. Music are too epic >.< . I kinda like it

thats the issue from me u might want to check my games for a feedback maybe

Este es mi primer videojuego y me gustaría que lo probran

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