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Physical decks?

A topic by snej created Apr 26, 2023 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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Are physical decks available? i followed the link above, but the site doesn’t have any options to buy a physical deck, only downloadable ones. Did I miss something?

(I’ve printed cards at home before, but found it to be a lot of work for low quality. I could upload the card designs to a POD service like drivethrucards or thegamecrafter and order a copy, but the legality of that seems questionable. But if you made them available this way I’d buy a deck!)


Hi there! You haven't missed anything, don't worry. Currently Spindlewheel is digital/print and play only, but that's changing very soon! As early as the end of May you'll be able to buy a legit copy from the teacabbage website. I'll post a link here when it goes live!


I'm happy to announce through partnership with Plus One Exp, physical copies of Spindlewheel is at last available for purchase! These are the same decks as the Kickstarter rewards, so you're getting the bonus expansion decks as well.

Hi! I think I sent you an email about this and have not gotten follow-up in a few months. I'm unsure if it got lost somewhere?

I am glad to hear about the physical copies!