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Are physical decks available? i followed the link above, but the site doesn’t have any options to buy a physical deck, only downloadable ones. Did I miss something?

(I’ve printed cards at home before, but found it to be a lot of work for low quality. I could upload the card designs to a POD service like drivethrucards or thegamecrafter and order a copy, but the legality of that seems questionable. But if you made them available this way I’d buy a deck!)

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Hi! Just bought the game as a gift for a loved one who’s going through hard times; I hope it will cheer her up.

I have some doubts on the challenge mechanic: it seems much more difficult to succeed at an action than you imply. For example, take the example of getting yourself out of a stream, a “moderate” action that requires two 5+ results. You roll one die. None of the talents in the book seem relevant, no one is helping you, and you’re clearly not in your cottage, so no extra dice. Since theres no way to get two 5+ on one die, success is impossible!

With two dice, you have a 1/9 chance of success at a “moderate” challenge. With more dice … the math gets too hard to do in my head, but my intuition is that success is much less likely than intended. (There are some websites that will do this kind of dice probability analysis for you.)

Have playtesters run into this sort of issue? Any advice on tweaking the system?

This is beautiful and creepy, especially the story about the cracked heart.

This reminds me of Zilphia Keatley Snyder’s book “The Changeling”, about a timid girl with a feral-girl best friend who claims she’s a changeling; and Arthur Machen’s “The White People”, a classic horror story about a little girl who travels into lands of dark magic. I recommend them both highly.

FYI: I just bought 2e (having already owned 1e) bc I love this game; I haven't played it yet, but just reading the book made me cry with laughter.  Two prehensile thumbs up!

Unfortunately ... the PDF has some serious issues in the MacOS Preview app. Haven't tried on my iPad but I'm assuming it'll have the same problems (since it's the same Apple PDF code.)

  • The house maps are mangled. The floor-plans are squished vertically and split into pieces, making them unusable. This would be a deal-breaker if I didn't have 1e to fall back on :-(
  • Most of the TOC links don't work; that is, when I display the TOC sidebar and click an outline item, nothing happens. It's fairly random which items work and don't work, but consistent.
  • The character sheets and house sheets aren't in the TOC at all.

No idea why this would happen, since it looks like the PDF was generated by Adobe InDesign. Did you run it through any other program afterwards that might have altered it? (It's also possible these are bugs in Apple's PDF library, but I'd be surprised since it's a long time since I've run into any.)

(I know I can download Acrobat, but I hate having Adobe bloatware on my computer, grumble grumble...)