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[Devlog] - no title (yet)

A topic by NK created Aug 19, 2018 Views: 119
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This is mainly just for me to track my progress, and hopefully establishing this thread as a devlog will help me get started. Since my previous game jam (My First Game Jam: Summer 2018) entry was super basic, I'm hoping I can step up the complexity, this time featuring more than one level, actual enemies, and the sort of content that makes a game feel like a game.

My personal goals are:

- to learn something
- have actual gameplay
- be longer than one level
- have more than one enemy type, at least 3?
- end on a boss fight (at least one)
- finish the game (obviously)

Only having 2 buttons apart from Start and Select is an interesting design constraint. My immediate thoughts are heading towards something that involves jumping or shooting.