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An adventure game for brave adventurers · By Emiel Boven

RPG novice list of questions and clarifications

A topic by arturito productions created Apr 02, 2023 Views: 659 Replies: 58
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I am pretty new to all the Table Top RPGs. I have tried to follow the test adventure on my own and I found some difficulties to follow the manual instructions.

Here I’ll post all my doubts regarding to unclear information in the manual.

I’ll add all my questions in this thread to not add too much noise to the high thread level.

I’ll add a post per question for easy conversation.

Table of belongings and some funny but useless items

In the list of possible items to add to the inventory, there are some of them easy to grasp and understand, because they are armors, or weapons, or spells and they are explained in follow up sections. But there are other items that look that they are there just to denote: bad luck, no usable item. Like:

  • Bottle filled with living bees
  • Make-up set
  • Bottle of perfume

What me, as a GM, can I do with these items when the player asks me about the use of these items? I imagine that I have to make-up a story or just trying to add some role-playing to the story.

I would like to recieve some insights here.


DURF provides some rules for combat and a procedure for exploration and does not try to create an fully comprehensive system to simulate reality. The GM and players should use their own judgement for all other aspects of the game world. A lot of the fun of these type of old school dungeon crawl games comes from using items in unexpected ways and solving problems not by using character attributes but using items and the environment. Because of this the belongings table has some items that can spark some creative thinking in the players.

For example, one of my players has used the bottle of bees by shattering it on the ground behind the party while they were retreating. Resulting in the freed bees causing enough trouble for the pursuing monsters, so the party could escape.

Since combat can be pretty deadly, players will want to find ways around it (since treasure is the end goal, not slaying monsters). So the bottle of perfume could be used as a diplomatic gift when trying to negotiate a way through goblin territory. 

The players and GMs are free to determine fun uses for these items without having to feel limited by rules. Just go with what makes sense :)

Thanks, inspirational :)


Action Roll and level of uncertainty

From the manual:

If in understand correctly, every uncertain event has the same chances to success. If for example the character wants to jump a 2 meters river, or if they wants to jump a 4 meters river.

Is there any trick to adjust the level of uncertainty? I am thinking in adding a Break to more than difficult events, or adding a Buff to more easy ones.


Yes, Buffs and Breaks can be used to increase or decrease difficulty of a roll :)


Range weapons range and combat positioning

I don’t see any reference in the manual to the range of range weapons. Actually I don’t see any reference about positioning in combat mode. How does this work? In a combat turn all characters are all at the same time at the range of close combat weapons and range weapons?

My assumption is that “yes”. There is not positioning tactic and all characters are in a quantum positioning space, both distant and close.


As with the belongings question earlier, combat positioning is not strictly governed by these rules, but is definitely a part of the world. A lot of these problems you propose will be solved when you describe the scene and use common sense to adjudicate from there. 

So for example, if a party encounters a group of goblins, imagine the situation and describe in simple terms where the goblins are standing, what the area looks like, which characters can reach each other when they move towards each other and which characters can be hit by the characters using ranged weapons. If you want, you can sketch out a simple battle map on a piece of paper and use tokens or miniatures to represent the characters.

Understood :)

Confirmation that damage = wounds

The weapons have a damage value, and the received damage is count in wounds. Are these two concepts equivalent?


There is a small difference: damage is first subtracted from the target's Armor, only the damage that is still left after the Armor is depleted becomes Wounds.

True, got it


Why Range Combat attack has no critical?

I am curious about the reasoning of why range combat attacks have no critical:


Ranged attacks do have critical hits. Only the target of a ranged attack cannot roll a critical hit, since they don't deal damage if they roll higher than the shooter. They merely roll to see if they can dodge the projectile.


Oh, I understand now. It is a crucial difference between Close Combat and Range Combat: the target has no possibility of reversing the attack.



Weapons with multiple worn?

Is it possible to accumulate multiple “worns” in the same weapon? The manual is not clear about this:


No, "worn" is a condition. A weapon either is "worn" or it is not. Just keep in mind, a worn weapon has its damaged reduced to 1, not by 1. So a worn weapon only ever deals 1 damage, so stacking this effect would not change anything.

Understood now

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Shields are never reduced?

The -1 to received damage guaranteed by wearing a shield is constant? I am asking because in the case of the armor this value decreased with damage received.


Yes, the -1 reduces incoming damage before it is subtracted from Armor. So it is a separate type of damage prevention.

Roger that


Rest & Healing sections: needs reference to remove Stress

From the manual:

No reference that the resting period also removes all Stress. This is mentioned in other sections but for coherence it should be mentioned here as well.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Yes, all Stress is removed after a day resting. This is noted under "Inventory & Stress" earlier in the same chapter.


Yes, but for clear reference, I would recommend adding it here. So when you are scanning the rules to see what is going on in a Rest period you can see all the effects.


Yeah, that is completely fair

How many turns to walk over already explored rooms?

When exploring a dungeon, for example. I understand that each time the characters enter a new room it takes 1 “turn” to explore it. But what if they have explored the room already and they are just passing through, like coming back to a 3 rooms before or something? I am asking this because in some adventures I see events that take X num of turns and I need to know if my character can arrive to determinate room before this time finishes.

I assume that cross through a room may be 1 turn


Yes, crossing a room generally takes 1 Turn, but if a character makes haste and has explored the rooms before, I'm inclined to let them move at 2 rooms per Turn.

Understood. I’ll try to also use some common sense. It’s difficult for me this part :)

Spell cast and 2 hands weapon

In the manual indicates to cast a spell the caster have to have one hand free.

Does it mean the caster can not have a 2 hands elbow as a weapon? If this is the case should I remove this weapon from my inventory and give to someone else?


The caster can have this weapon in their inventory. They just can't have it in their hands while casting a spell. This way, a caster who also wants to use a sword and shield during combat must store one of them on their body while casting a spell. It is mostly a role play thing, but it can cause some trouble when a caster wants to cast a spell during combat and has to redraw their weapon afterward before they can attack with it again (something which might cost them a round to do)

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Understood. This is good. Because if I wanted to be a spell caster, I didn’t know if I was able to have a bow, which is my favorite weapon as a spell caster. I’ll ask my players for a round for “putting shield/sword” in the inventory, and another round to “pick shield/sword” out of the inventory

Cast a spell many turns in advance

In the manual indicates the spell can be casted in a previous turn, to avoid the WIL roll:

As I understand this means it has to be pre-casted out of the combat. Does it mean the caster can cast the spell and keeping “warm” while they is moving among the dungeon until a combat occurs and the spell can be executed in a combat round?


Using a full Turn to cast a spell is usually for things like opening a portal or becoming invisible when you are not in combat. Outside of combat, casters can take their sweet time to cast a spell, so they don't have to make a WIL roll. This spell will take effect directly after that Turn so casters can't cook up a spell beforehand to cast during combat.  This rule is there for when a caster wants to cast a spell outside of combat.

Combat in DURF should be a bit scary and stressful, so casting a spell during a fight it is a little risky.


Thanks, I am starting to understand one of the main philosophies on DURF: “combat is danger” :)

Move the Spell X value description to the Spellcasting section

There are references to the “X value” before it is explained:

It was very confused to me until is explained into the Some Spells section. I recommend to move this explanation ot the Spellcasting section.


This is a fair point! Thanks :)

Spell Blunder table and consequences

There are a lot of funny consequences for a Spell Blunder. But I would like to have some example of gameplay consequences of these events.

For example:

  • Caster is shrunk to 1/10th their current size …

How me, as a GM, can manage this situation. Should I reduce all the characters attributes to a 1/10th part?

  • Caster and the target(s) of the spell switch places

As mentioned above, the positioning has not any implications in combat. How does this change can affect gameplay?

  • A bushy field of poison ivy springs up around the caster

How does this can affect the character?


Yeah this is a similar case to the Belongongs and Positioning question. Use your own judgement to roleplay these effects. 

So for example, I've had a caster who was made 1/10th their size, climb up into the pant leg of an enemy to distract them, which gave their party members a Buff when attacking the enemy who was frantically trying to get rid of the little wizard who was crawling up their leg.

In case of the poison ivy, this can pose a pretty annoying situation for characters and enemies without proper footwear, resulting in itchy legs and feet, which can be pretty distracting during combat.

As you can see, this is just another thing that can influence creative problem-solving or create problems for the players they have to adapt to.

Creativity, common sense, and affecting rules based on the new situation. Got it :)

Does the Spells have a opposition roll?

I see in the Bolt spell:

“Throw X bolts of magical lightning, each bolt deals 3 damage.”

Can the target try to dodge this attack?, or the attack is success automatically? (if the spell cast is a success)


This spell automatically hits without the target being allowed to dodge

Very powerful then. Thanks

Does Ammo use slot in inventory?

When I got a “Pistol + Ammo”, does it only uses 1 slot or 2?


It uses 3  slots; two for the pistol and one for the ammo.

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I understood the Weapons table now:

  • a) all elements use at least 1 inventory slot
  • b) the +X slot means inventory slots above de default one


Magical Items: Magic Armor

From the manual:

Is this also valid if the character has no-armor?


To answer this and your next question at the same time: the bonus of magic armor is added to the Armor value. So if you wear a magical set of +2 Light Armor your total armor would be 5 Armor (3 from the Light Armor and +2 because it is magical. So being magical just increases the amount of Armor points a set of armor has, beyond this it just works like normal Armor and is reduced when taking damage. 

A magical +2 Light Armor is better than mundane Medium Armor (even though both grant the wearer 5 Armor in total) because the magical Light Armor only takes up 1 inventory slot while the non-magical Medium Armor takes up 2.

Magical Items: Magic Armor is it reduced when damage?

Armor are reduced when receiving damage. But I don’t see any explicit information about this for Magic Armor.

Are the bonus of a Magic Armor constant and never reduced?


The bonus just increases the amount of Armor points the armor has. They are still subtracted as normal when taking damage.

Roger that

Close combat

Looks to me that Close Combat attacks are much more dangerous for the attacker than Range Combats, they have a ~50% chance (on equal characters’ attributes) to be counter-productive. Using your round to make a Close Combat looks to me like a no-good investment because you are giving your target also an attack round over you.

Should not be better if the attacker has some kind of bonus over the target? (I know: in case of a tie the attacker wins, is this enough bonus?)


Yeah being able to attack from range is a lot better when you are able to do it. But having a bow in your hands when you are being surrounded by a group of goblins in a tight corridor is not going to do you any good, so there are situations where ranged weapons simple aren't an option. Close combat is dangerous so players should try to avoid it or try to stack the odds in their favor. For example, they can try to only pick fights with creatures they know are weaker than them or try to catch a bigger foe off guard so they can get a Buff on their attack. The rules merely sketch out what happens when both sides are evenly matched, clever adventurers will try to use the world around them to shift that balance in their favor.

Got it, thanks. I see you have given it a big thought and the elevated risk of a close combat attack is intended.

Weapons on hand, do they also use inventory slots?

If a character is holding their bow in their hands, does it still use 2 inventory slots?


They still take up inventory slots. "Inventory slot" are just a measurement of what a character can carry with them, whether it is in their hands, backpack or on their body.  If you want a system that uses separate slots for body, backpack and hands you should take a look at Mausritter by Isaac Williams, Errant by Ava Islam, or The Electrum Archive by me :)

Oh my God. No!, keep me out of this spiral of amazing things I didn’t know they exist :)

No, seriously, thanks a lot for all your support and for sharing your work with everybody. If I can support you in any way just let me know ;)