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Crystal Control II

Crystal Control II is the expanded sequel to our original competitive bullet hell shoot 'em up for two players! · By Virtually Competent

Linux build?

A topic by psymin created Jun 22, 2016 Views: 521 Replies: 8
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Looks like a neat game, can you post a linux test build? :)

Hey psymin! I'm totally down for getting the game on Linux, I just wanted to avoid having folks purchase the game only to find out that it doesn't work for their OS of choice. I've uploaded Linux builds of nearly all of our free games in the past because there's no cash on the line there, but I have very little confidence that any of them actually work.

If you're interested and meet the basic requirements to play the game (which isn't really an issue of PC specs, but more that you own two gamepads), I'd be happy to spend a bit more time trying to get a working Linux build together to send your way. :)

-Eric, Virtually Competent Team Lead


Neat! Okay, I've bought the game and am eager to give a test build a test :)


Thanks! I'll bump that up to the top of my priority list and let you know when it's ready :)

No worries. I can play around with it whenever you get to it :)

do you remeber me from combo breaker 2016 im dj i always came up to your both to play crystal control 2


Hey DJ! Of course I remember. I hope you're still enjoying the game!

cool hey are you going to comic con in chicago ill be there friday