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Glad to see this project still exists :)
Linux build?

I wonder if Steam Remote Play Together would work for non-steam games.

I just tried it with Proton 4.11-11 through Steam and WASD works properly by default for me.

The test build for linux works well and is quite fun.

I'd buy this game today even just to beta it.

Traits I'm optimistic for and willing to test : Controller support, local co-op, Linux, and Steam In-Home Streaming.

Looks great!

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On a non-Ubuntu system (Gentoo) I was able to replicate this by doing the following:

Grab the file libstdc++6_7.2.0-1ubuntu1-16.04_amd64.deb from the repo manually.

Extract the deb by using deb2targz (or you can use the ar command)

Move the freshly extracted file ./usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ to your deceiver directory

ln -s

Execute the game by typing the following in the deceiver directory

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./deceiver

Edit: Game launches, but gives a message about requiring the itch app.

Since we have to use the itch app, we should do the above in the itch dir for the game:


Put the symlink in that dir
Move the deceiver binary to deceiver.bin (or something)
mv deceiver deceiver.bin

Now make a shell script to set up the LD stuff and name it deceiver, and chmod it 755



And now it works!
Dujanah community · Created a new topic Linux support

I'm eager to hear an update regarding linux support for this title :)
I'm a backer.

Any thoughts on making a linux version?

No worries. I can play around with it whenever you get to it :)

Neat! Okay, I've bought the game and am eager to give a test build a test :)

Looks like a neat game, can you post a linux test build? :)

This game is amazing so far and I can't wait to be able to play it with my buddies on the couch on SteamOS :)

Neat, well it appears to work well under Linux. Gentoo, 64bit, nvidia. There are some oddities but I haven't been able to reproduce them reliably yet.

Where do you want bugs reported? :)

Looks neat! Does it have a linux build?

I really enjoyed this game. Since it is free, everyone should give it a shot.

I'd definitely buy an expanded version :) (Thanks for the linux support!)