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Were do i see my steam keys that i got from greenlit games here?

A topic by Semitron created Jun 21, 2016 Views: 183 Replies: 1
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I got a email today, as from a bundle i bought a while ago, saying:


digitalhomicide has sent you a message about Decimation Of Olarath

Hello! We have added Steam keys to Decimation of Olarath here on Thank you for your support. Be sure to drop by your other bundle games on greenlight and vote if you would like to see them on Steam.

Have a great day!"

and i have no idea were i can view this key, nor in my profile, game page or were can i see them?


If you're logged in and the purchase is linked to your account, you should be seeing a "You own this game" header on the game's page: — clicking the 'Download' button takes you to your unique download URL, which contains a 'Claim steam key' button.

If the purchase wasn't linked to an account, you can make send you all purchases associated with an e-mail by filling out the 'Recover purchases' form on this page: