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Schwarzwald open beta - turn-based multiplayer survival game (Mac, Windows, Linux)

A topic by Tom created Jun 19, 2016 Views: 398 Replies: 10
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I'm happy and proud to announce that Schwarzwald has gone into open beta.

Game clients for Mac, Windows and Linux are available for download, games are open and can be joined.

The game is a multiplayer turn-based survival game. Set in the medieval Black Forest (german: "Schwarzwald"), each player controls one family of peasants, and the entire village tries to survive the wolves, bears and ... worse ... that roam the forest at night. Cooperate or betray? Stockpile or build? Last man standing wins, so to win, you can prolong your own survival - or cut short that of others.

Trailer video for the game:

The beta 3 client has just been released, bringing a ton of new features and improvements to the game. It is on the download page:

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We are now on Beta 4, with massive updates including the henhouse and a new monster. Find out everything about the game here:

This is a very good premise for a situational game. It has a lot of detail from looking at the video.

I'm trying to give it the right amount of detail without making it unplayable to casual players.

Beta 5 has just been released. Highlights of this update:

  • families now have a diary where you can record your personal story
  • updated graphics, better fields, better scaling, new monster models
  • the well and the tower are no operational. They have a big impact on gameplay as they are shared projects benefiting the entire village, but only if someone sacrifices a peasant to operate them, who could benefit his family. This is the biggest interactive and directly cooperative element of the game.

Beta 6 has been released with minor updates and bugfixes. Due to some changes in the API, however, this is mandatory update.

A completely new UI is the primary change in the new Beta 7 which has just been uploaded to the server. It is a wonderful update, strongly recommended.

Complete UI rework in the Beta 7 client, available now:

Beta 8 has been released, including the long awaited diary viewer, a new graveyard in the center of the village that fills up as the body count rises, and a lot of bugfixes and small improvements.