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[For Hire] Writer, Editor and Game Designer looking for work

A topic by Blankmarks created 10 days ago Views: 125 Replies: 1
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I’m open to working with and helping anyone needing a writer, editor or game designer. I can work on almost any project you need.

• Visual Novels

• Indie Comics

• RPGs


• Interactive Fiction

• etc

For game design (Gameplay, Level, or Systems), I can try my hand at anything you need. But I’m most comfortable with:

• RPGs

• Platformers

• Card Games

• Horror

I would love to add my skills to your team. Specifically, this is what I can do for you:

• Writing dialogue and worldbuilding lore (Item Descriptions)

• Write a detailed outline along with a Game Design Document

• Create and develop characters (Includes a character profile)

• Edit and proofread your story or outline. (Even if it’s written by AI like ChatGPT)

• Narrative design your game (writing, designing questlines, cut scenes, and gameplay)

• Any other miscellaneous creative writing task you need.

My Portfolio and Pricing [Tl: Dr - $.03 per word]:

For Game Design, the price depends on what you need. It can be by hour or milestone.

The price is negotiable, if you’re interested contact me on Discord or buy the service from Fiverr.