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A few questions before buying the Fantasy packs

A topic by STh4nos created Mar 17, 2023 Views: 229 Replies: 2
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Hello, your work looks very nice, but before buying your tilesets I have a few questions...

- In the exterior pack, is there a tileset for the world map?

- I already have a project in progress that uses the default tilesets. Are your tilesets "identical" to the base ones? That is to say, should I redo my maps? Or are they the same tiles? whether indoors or outdoors? i think it is what we call rtp tilesets ?

Thanks for your reply

Stéphane H


Hi Stephane. Actually, there is no world map but I will do it this year.

My tilesets are not identical than the default rtp. It's complete different. 

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i saw that... i bought them anyway yesterday... i will redo my maps. because your tileset is really in the style of what i was looking for. thanks... i will wait for world map :)

but what the textures.png is it for ? where do i have to put it ?