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A topic by AdamStrange created Aug 09, 2018 Views: 286 Replies: 24
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First time doing AGBIC.

Working with low res pixel style:

Still working on gameplay :/

plants now grow and bloom :)

Red blooms explode and the numbers are debug info!

Looks neat! Is it a match-4 game?

sort of. Trialed the base gameplay and it's not currently 'fun', so making a quick rethink....

ok. After needing to ditch the first take on this. I'm now at version 2:

This is much more fun...

basically you need to collect the flowers and bring them back - there are 12 to collect.

flowers come and go and it's up to you which you collect - nice and easy? Not quite. You also have a crane that is dropping crates, these will build up blocking your path...

I'm sure there is more to come :)

yep. definitely more to come - some floors...

and better pixelating so everything matches better - just getting flow right now....

collecting blooms!

Busy adding in bonus 'chill' stuff including freeze and snowman, floating fruit bonuses and enemies - a worm and a cat - shudders!!!

collect the blooms to open the door and escape...

How about some UI stuff:

Looking nice.

Also: Playable enough to start bothering with UI, with 10 days to go. That's good progress.

Thanks. Yep it's only when playing that I catch all the 'other' bugs. Just started to look at different maps. and guess what... Total lockup and then crash. still got work to do ;)

I've also been tightening up the graphics making sure everything is the same(ish) resolution.

I've now got a second level...

Looks like those crates are building up, and a worm has appeared!

Only one bloom to go and I'll have to make a new level... Or maybe the icecream cart will just roll over everything....?

Starting to pull everything together now.

The flower you collect will also be checked for 3 in a row bonus life! So there is a tactical element added into things.

Also Added TNT crate that explode when dropped.

end of level bonus added :)

and finally some animations

Here is the bonus screen where you get the opportunity to get some extra bonus points...

And we get some extra days to really add something special as well :)

*starts hunning the bonus level musig from "Super mario land"*

Looking good!

LOL. I had to google that to see and now can't get it out of my head either...... :)

(1 edit)

Autoplay is now operational. So the game can play itself - great for demo mode!

I just had a completely insane idea:

Do 3 versions of the same game in the same game:

Atari 2600


And Arcade

Essentially the graphics are the things that would change...

Bloom arcade machine prototype - I believe only one of these was ever made?

working on other screens now such as hiscore stuff:

And 2600 graphics finished:

I tried to remain more or less faithful in spirit to the Atari single color per line graphics.

Work now begins to get everything working...

Here's the main menu with the 3 machine options

getting complicated now.... :(

auto cycle of different screens needs uber attention

bugs, debugging, sound and vision...

And it's finally finished. with downloads for both Windows and MacOS page