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Compare 2 projects

A topic by valhallaCNC created Mar 17, 2023 Views: 103 Replies: 1
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Hi Charlie...Long time

Been busy building  new shop, question of the day for you. I finished a project , and was fine tuning it. I was trying to compare before and after changes. The only thing I could come up with is starting 2 pixelcnc side by side. Is there a way to do this on one canvas ? Something like a view only mode for the imported item. I did try to take a screen shot and open that, but that didn't work for me.

Thanks Joe...


Hi Joe,

The only thing you can do is re-create the project next to itself on the same canvas. Firing up two instances of PixelCNC will probably be the easier way to go, with the original older project in one window and the new modified one in the other.

Hit the PrintScreen button on your keyboard and you should have everything copied to the clipboard to paste into an image editor program! ;)

 - Charlie