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Linux Setup?

A topic by Posho created 97 days ago Views: 68 Replies: 1
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Hey there, long time user and fan of GMEdit. 🙂

Been slowly migrating my daily work from Windows to Linux. I’ve known GMEdit has had a Linux build for years but I’m not really sure how one would actually build/run projects with it, considering GameMaker is strictly for Mac and Windows nowadays. Perhaps using the YoYo Runtime with Wine or something? Or is GMEdit on Linux mainly for editing purposes as of now? 🤔

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m eager to learn how to use GameMaker on my Linux environments.


Posho 😁


You’d want to modify builder plugin to use Linux-specific paths - mostly BuilderCompile.js. Someone reported successfully doing this a while ago (back when Linux beta started) but they didn’t submit a PR.

Making that launch WINE might also be an option, but then you’d have to run your game through WINE too…