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Looking for Programer or designer!

A topic by JaviCKP created Jul 30, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 3
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Hello! I'm a musician and artist from Spain, my name is Javi and im looking for a programer and/or designer interested in this;I thought it would be cool a game about moral answers, enigmatic questions... That depends on your answers you get one of the ending (Universe's mistery) Also i can be in other team if you need help! Thank You!!

I'm looking for a musician, but for a very specific type of music. What kind of music do you make and do you have any examples online?

Hello! I can make any type of music, from metal to jazz, dubstep, pop... Nowadays i am making a proyect but is not finished, i can make a song quick for you if you want to listen to it! ^^

I might need a musician (if I have time to implement sound support at all) for a puzzle game. It's an open source game, so any assets produced could potentially be reused in other contexts without you explicit permission. Would you be OK with that?