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Spookie Boogie - Game for browser and Android

A topic by Jumble! Devs created Jun 09, 2016 Views: 159
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Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a game I've just released as a web and Android game. The game was developed during this years Global Game Jam and on the weeks following it, but I haden't got around releasing it yet.

Spookie Boogie is a game in which you help the ghost of Sir Clockengurch, who was a saxofon player, to kick some teens out of his Manor when they summon him from hell using a Ouija board. If you manage to scare the teens out of Sir Clockengurch home, you win.

The gameplay mechanics are simple: you have to get into rooms where the kids are walking around and interact with the furniture clicking on it to scare them out. If you play in Android, some furniture can be activated shaking the phone or shouting / blowing air at it, but I'll let you find out which ones can do that. :P

Here's the link of the game and a couple in-game GIF's:

Any kind of comments and suggestion are awesome!! Thank you! :D