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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

Enemies satisfied?

A topic by Georder created Jul 25, 2018 Views: 3,803 Replies: 6
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So, it says, on certain ones, that an enemy no longer fights with satisfied.. And different means. How do I fuck a Male Goblin in the mouth or make them stop, since fucking said Goblin in the ass doesn't stop the fight. Or does the enemy just not fight for a bit?

You can't end a fight with goblins by fucking them. You either need to make them fuck you a lot (it can be orally or anally) or leave them with no hp left.

Are you playing on the latest build? If so, you should be able to win the goblin fight by anally dominating.

If your perception is >3, both goblin encounters and the Wereslut encounter should have the DA (dominated) win condition displayed. Win conditions SA and SO require your character to be bottom, DA requires you to be top

I'm actually having a hard time with SO on the goblin, is there a trick to it? Because basically blowjob, facesitting and facefucking I let go, but only resist the anal for the SO ending but it never seems to happen.

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Majalis designed Goblins to only be satisfied after multiple (many, many, many) ejaculations. I know I typically play with my charisma no less than 5, so maybe that makes it easier to satisfy enemies (I have yet to test it).

You just have to keep sucking them off. Try seducing and choosing options that increase their lust whenever you can. 

I'll actually go ahead and SO this encounter and let you know how many times it took, just one second and I'll edit.

EDIT: Hmmm, well I tried and here's what I got (not including the time I hit surrender, that button rly should be placed somewhere else imo)

  • First try new mage 5 charisma w/ catamite perk - Got to about 15 ejacs then I started spamming to SO, successful
  • 2nd try new Warrior 5 charisma w/ catamite perk - 121 ejacs b4 she killed me
  • 3rd try my lvl  5 Mage that I've gotten DA on male goblin - same problem as warrior
  • 4th try my end game Hiro from several versions ago 8 charisma, catamite, mouth maniac 3, and - SO still won't trigger
  • 5th try new Paladin - First Goblin encounter, says Female on the map, but actually was the male goblin with his usual intro. I tried to get SO to trigger, but I got stuck in a grapple. I'm on my back and only can rest while he keeps choosing to grapple.

I thought there has to be some kind of bug involved with the encounter but I tried one last time with a Ranger 8 Charisma, 3 Erotic, 1 Catamite, and 1 Cum Drinker (I also made them Orc-blood, fat, beestung, cute). This time it was a female goblin, but we eventually hit a point where her next move is nothing but "Do Nothing" and I can blow her endlessly but I stopped after hitting -61 stamina. So I struggle and break free. At that point did analingus a few times, reciprocate 69, got face fucked, and then got SA

So what I think may be happening is that you have to let her anal top once, then try for the SO (maybe she has to top both oral and anal before either Satisfied ending can happen). Or there is just some kind of bug going on


My god I don't have the patience for 121, hats off to ya, but I'll definitely try this next. Thanks for all the hard work!

nah man, you got to have your belly to be stuffed, i once already had a full tummy so after 1 ejaculation from him in me, he was already satisfied