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DON'T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale Release Demo

Dive into the dark comedic tale of Tris, an asocial game developer and his quest to confront his demons. · By trisbee

Known Issues 1.0 Sticky

A topic by trisbee created Jul 23, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 8
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I'm Tristan,  I created DON'T GIVE UP and your feedback is super important! There is likely to be a quality of life update (fixes and making the game easier/more comprehensive) within the next few days now that reviews and experiences are coming back but I will list all issues I'm aware of here:

1. The Push A is unclear

2. Pressing enter to start the game but interacting with spacebar

3. When starting the play through again after finishing Tris gets "stuck"

4. Uncertainty of where to get a drink in the intro

5. You can leave your house without your keys (but you won't be able to progress unless you get them)

If you come across any other legitimate issues I will post them here!


Some quality of life implemented! No more uncertainty of what to press or how to interact! :D


idk if this is the topic you want bugs reported in, but I did notice one while playing.  I'm sorry I didn't get a video or anything, but I had the game soft lock on me when (I think) I tried to use my ultimate and accidentally hit the 'bring up your notesheet of moves' button too.  The notesheet came up, I exited out if it, then the animation/music continued but I couldn't move on/combat stopped. It seems like it was a pretty rare occurrence (it may also have been at the end of one of the phases too, which could have contributed?). 

It gave me a chance to see other sets of dialogue options I didn't pick the first time though! It was a really great demo overall owo

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Hey trisbee,

My antivirus detected the "DontGiveUp.exe" as malware and quarantined it. It's probably a false positive but I never had this happen to me before.

Edit: Some more info: It was categorized as "Machine Learning" for some reason. Does the game send player metrics?



Not that I know of! It certainly isn't reporting any metrics to me and has no online functionality! You should be good to go, I doubt Unity is spying on its players ;)

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You can attack while you're talking with your enemy.It's dealing lower damage,but i want to know if it's intended or a bug.                                              

However,it's a great demo and i can't wait for the full game!          


Yeah I noticed that! I'm not sure if it actually does damage though, this was always possible but it used to deal 0, we changed the combat system so numbers might be showing while actually doing nothing. In any case we'll fix this, I thought it was kind of cool to be able to move during dialogue but most people view this as a "bug" :P

In any case I'm really glad you liked the demo! (pssssst, follow me on Twitter)

Thanks for reply,i'ts good to know.

Good luck developing,fixing bugs and other stuff!

When I talked to the kid to find the train station, the menu got overlapped:

I thought the demo was pretty good. I think my favorite part was the dialogue and characters. They were really entertaining, I wanted to play more just to see stuff happen with them! There weren't many battles but I felt the combat could use some work, even though it might not be combat focused game. Also got stuck on walls/furniture a bunch but not a big deal.
Anyway, I really enjoyed playing it and am excited for it!