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Thank you for catching that! I think the newest build should have this fixed~ (But as a warning, I'm not sure if the old save file will be fixed... if that makes sense)

Hello! I've not had a chance to test it on Linux yet, so I'm sorry if there's something deeply wrong with it 👀. 

Extracting the files, I'm able to find the .sh file that should be the main game runner... I think if you execute the .sh file ('') that should run it. Let me know if that doesn't do it or if you can't find the file though, and here's a resource I found on Google if you're not sure what to do with the .sh.

I think that it should still be in the game, but you're totally right that it's a little more rare now! The trait that was previously Witchling has been divided and adjusted a little bit, so now there's a slightly different path to getting a Witch Mom.

If you have both the traits 'Loving Parent' and 'Mother', then there may be a bug in the code though! I thought I may have seen that scenario happen on a stream, but I wasn't able to recreate it so I wasn't sure 🤔

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Oh dear! Thank you for the heads up, we've went in and fixed the error (specifically it should be fixed in version 0.16.1 I believe) owo

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SUPER useful and good stuff! I'll definitely be using some of these (and linking back here so others can too haha)

Also, I love the names

I feel like $5 is less money than I've put into most of my friendships - maybe that's how I should market the game now haha. Thank you for playing! :)

Thank you! The bonus for completing the spell book was only thought of and implemented on like the last day before release too, I'm really glad we were able to get it in hehe

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Ah sorry about that! There's a small right arrow that gets a little obscured by the art near the bottom mid-right of the screen. I noticed it was hard to see, but haven't gone in since the end of the jam to fix it (but I should definitely do that haha)

Hi ^_^

Wow! Thank you for the kind feedback and the video! I really appreciate channels that cover small jam games like this

Me and some of my friends played this the other day when we were doing a little SSJ game marathon, so I figured I'd come back and leave a comment haha

The art style is really cool! To go with the theme in the comments of comparing it to other things, one of us commented that the warped perspective in the rooms was kind of reminiscent of Courage the Cowardly Dog, which I can kind of see. Similarly I was getting a kind of 90s PC horror game vibe, I in particular like the main characters sprite.

I know you mentioned that you actually didn't get everything implemented, but I actually feel like you could have edited the scale down and it would have been fine. I feel like when some of the more intense monster designs started popping up is when I started getting more into the game, but that was a few rooms in. Those first few rooms felt maybe a bit repetitive, but it's hard to get pacing down obviously haha

(Also, after beating it, we went back to get the bad ending and got a kick out of the end screen. Something about the text and eyes just hit right)

I really dig the tone this game sets! There's some very specific melancholy in it that's really nice (if bittersweet). The idea of the MC being the character that's 'on the sidelines' as compared to her adventurer GF is neat! And I think the art goes well with it.

I only had one playthrough where I guess I bumbled into a repeat ending. It did feel a little bit difficult to make choices sometimes (outside of the unique scenes at least), since I wasn't sure how much of an impact my breakfast or lunch would have on what random scenes I'd get (if any). That said I did like the modular aspect, in particular I think the dream scene was really effective in that regard.

Overall, a really charming game! It was a bit silly but I liked the final ending and how it came together haha

Oh, what a thorough postmortem! I've seen your posts on the LemmaSoft Forums and always appreciate how informative you are, so this was a treat to read (no pun intended?)

For reference, I saw this post linked on the vndevs reddit and haven't actually played the game yet (though I'm certainly going to now all things considered). I was mainly looking at the reddit to see if I could get a gauge if it was worth advertising on, so you saying you felt like you didn't get a return on the investment was useful (if somewhat ironic haha).

I also love the way you break down your references, it really makes playing games with that in mind like a scavenger hunt of breaking down inspirations.

Excellent job on finishing your first game! The art was all suitably cute, and the ending got a chuckle from me haha

Congrats on publishing your first game! I know you were working on something before, but it's cool to see you put something up for the public.

Overall, this is a good first work! If I had one piece of advice, it would be to really focus in on what makes your game unique and try to make the player 'feel' that. Since you're using an engine that handles a lot of the art and programming for you, I'd recommend trying to nail the writing. Right now, I don't feel like I have a very good grasp on the characters or setting, it kind of just seems like 'generic fantasy'. The intro sequence feels lacking in this respect, you want to be sure to come up with a good hook that really grabs the player and forces them to care.

Because you're using a specialized engine, you can't just rely on the combat or graphics to draw people in (since many other games using SRPG Studio at a glance look and play 'the same'). Maybe look at the first episodes of your favorite series, think about what made you want to watch more of that show. It may seem like it's something minor, but the first few minutes of your game are probably some of the most important.

(Also just a couple of minor things. 1) At the beginning of the main combat session, there's a small typo: 'Remember your mother gave you some delicious (snacks?) that are sure to heal you', 2) Be sure that you actually submit your game to the Indie  Game Making Contest jam page! Right now you don't appear on the page with the other entries)

Congrats again on getting it published! I look forward to seeing what you come up with owo

Me and my friend (haha oops she already commented) played through this and talked about it with each other a bit.  This is a fun project and I definitely enjoyed playing it! Some of the backstory was a little confusing at first (as warned), but I think after the first bit it was easier to roll with it. Basically after I understood the conceit of like 'all of these characters are related to characters from a previous killing game' it kind of clicked into place.

Your character writing was really well done btw! I think you definitely accomplished your goal (writing 17 characters with a unique voice). I enjoyed the intros about as much as I did in the canon games.

Overall, this was a really well polished fangame (right down to the intro video, which was a nice touch). I was checking through the DR tag trying to find things like this, so thanks for being literally the only one to deliver! (I'll probably end up snooping on the Discord to see the rest of Chapter 1, I'm interested in seeing how you tackled the trial and investigation owo)

What's your Ludum Dare submission link? I'd like to rate/review your game on there but I can't find it haha

idk if this is the topic you want bugs reported in, but I did notice one while playing.  I'm sorry I didn't get a video or anything, but I had the game soft lock on me when (I think) I tried to use my ultimate and accidentally hit the 'bring up your notesheet of moves' button too.  The notesheet came up, I exited out if it, then the animation/music continued but I couldn't move on/combat stopped. It seems like it was a pretty rare occurrence (it may also have been at the end of one of the phases too, which could have contributed?). 

It gave me a chance to see other sets of dialogue options I didn't pick the first time though! It was a really great demo overall owo

Really cool for your guys first game (if I remember correctly from the showcase). Well done! I'm not super familiar with Star Wars, but the concept was easy enough to grasp haha.


Darn, thought I got all those. Good catch tho, thanks bud