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That last boss is super fast! If you treat it like a puzzle game though there are some patterns that you can follow. For example, she goes back to the same highlighted tile after all her attacks. And when she sends 4 swords to your side of the field, they activate in the order she sends them over :) Thank you don Jay!

I love your pixelart, the game is really hard, I'm thankful for the killing stuff to come back to life part!

Haha good job Riley and thank you! I hope he can beat HER!

Hey Kuugeki, haha great job figuring that trick out ;) I'm glad you kept going! You'll be able to play as all the bosses in the final game! And they will each have multiple "kits" or starting decks you can play with! I plan on putting Local PvP in the game, I love local multiplayer. Thank you so much :)

Thank you Gaming Daze!

Thanks! Sorry it is a difficult game but you will get better at it I promise!

Hmm I'll try to fix that,  thanks! Maybe try redownloading the demo? Or updating some graphics drivers?

Awesome! Thanks for playing it :)

I'll definitely try to add that in! It would just be difficult to do it for each spell.

Thanks Darknight! I'm glad you liked it :)

Hey Mason Jason! That art is really cute! I'll see if I can optimize see things to make the game a bit smoother. Thank you and I really enjoyed your play through :)

Thank you, that's really motivating :) I'll think about the feedback, I tag certain items to not show up in those random chests (the ones that have a tradeoff for example don't show up,since they can mess up a build). It would require a bit of work to make them optional though.

The descriptions do need to be polished, half of the description/card is generated from the card statistics to take some of the workload off me.

I'm especially glad you enjoyed the gameplay though! Also Gintama hahaha? I'm not sure what you meant by making Gintama look like a college essay. The flavor text is definitely weird, I went through all the cards at 5am and wrote the first thing that came to my head XD

No of course I'm not bored, these are all really fun ideas! I've thought about some of these too! PvP is planned if I have enough time, and you will be able to add your own monsters, spells, characters, etc. in the full version with modding :)

There is some work for leveling up spells in progress. Will probably not be available until the final game though (or beta).

I will see if I can add some form of companions! I always like having those in games.

There is actually an alternate basic attack called TriGun you can find in an artifact! It will make you shoot three ways instead of just forward!

That shopkeeper idea is actually really cool! I like that a lot!

Yes some kind of armor item would be very cool. I'll think about that too.

I'm really impressed by the quality of all these ideas. I appreciate it :) Thank you and Merry Christmas Qeltonic!

Hey Bottlecapn! I'm really glad you like it, there will definitely be more of a solid theme/story in the final game :)

The plans are currently to have local co-op and PvP, online stuff may be added in the far future.

I'm going to have a Kickstarter on January 3rd and Nintendo Switch will be a stretch goal :)

Thank you Qeltonic you make a lot of good points! I'll be adding some things to make the basic attack more powerful and definitely adding more zone types to make the path choices more interesting. I agree with you, they all feel pretty similar at the moment. I'll see if I can slow down those fireballs that hit yourself too! You're the best for posting such helpful feedback!

Heh thank you for the 5 reasons, It's pretty helpful when people tell me exactly what they like about the game! I'm glad you like the humor too ;)

Thank you! I'm using Unity to develop it.

Yes of course! I think I watched you stream it and I really appreciated it. So thank you :)

Yes it should be the same price!

Hey! The full game will be around ~$15 in about 1 year from now. I'll definitely make it worth it!

Woahh!! Good job haha :) I'm really glad you figured it out, almost no one gets it ;)

Thank you! Yeah there were so many people! But all of them were super nice :)

Heck yeah! Switch is my number 1 goal after PC! :D There may be some sort of mobile release later too! Thank you so much, making people happy is the reason I'm making this game in the first place!

Thanks Tony! Yes, it's a lot faster and more fluid than your typical battle network game.

There may be a kickstarter coming up soon ;)

It's not likely, but possible we can do that after release if the game is popular enough!

Thank you!! All great points. I will try to have some ways to focus on certain types of cards, so as the variety of spells increases it will still be possible to get some synergy cards. Also the mana meter has been made faster (and mana costs lower) just for the demo since it is so short. Thank you for the feedback I will keep it in mind for the future :)

Hey Lamossus that would be awesome! Send me an email at and I'll let you know in the future :) least I could do is put you in the credits

Thanks Chukobtye :)

No, sorry a lot of this will be for the final game release. But occasionally I will throw some examples in the demo :)

Sidedishes! Glad you liked it , I was looking for a game with the same battle system! :)

Wow you found the secret shopkeeper!

(1 edit)

Yeah, we're working on a way to make it look a bit nicer. Is there anything in particular about it?

Edit: It should be completely fixed in the next update :)

By the way we fixed this in v109, thanks for reporting it!

I think that might be a bug, I'm looking into it now!

That was awesome! You really started getting the hang of it too. Thanks for all the nice words :)

Wow! That must've been fun ;) Great find!

Glad you liked it! Sorry they're supposed to be secret but I'll give you some hints. You can use Step Slash to avoid the 1st boss's first laser death beams! Try using it right when she says "boom." The "Secret Boss" has something to do with the Purple Crystal with the number 100 on it. Try winning the battle with it at a certain amount of health... Best of luck :)

Nice! Yeah, you should be able to see everything there. has a good support for moving blog posts over so I thought I'd do that too :)

When I talked to the kid to find the train station, the menu got overlapped:

I thought the demo was pretty good. I think my favorite part was the dialogue and characters. They were really entertaining, I wanted to play more just to see stuff happen with them! There weren't many battles but I felt the combat could use some work, even though it might not be combat focused game. Also got stuck on walls/furniture a bunch but not a big deal.
Anyway, I really enjoyed playing it and am excited for it!