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Awesome, had fun backwards fire speed boosting and one-shotting the flame witch with the ice spell haha

Yeah I understand, sorry, unfortunately it's complicated.

A bullet hell platformer with great mechanics and really pretty art! The enemies and bosses are fun and challenging to fight against, and there's just enough customizability with the trinket system to push different playstyles. Give it a shot!

It's hard to handle a release on multiple platforms at the same time. But we'll look into others and let you guys know.

Thank you so much Sheepshr!

Awesome! It'll come out on switch on March 26th too :)

Thanks for the guide calvinatlan! I appreciate that, Mac has been making it more and more difficult for demos to run :/

Yeah I can't wait!

Thanks so much alex!

Close, it's from Epic Battle Fantasy! It's just a placeholder though.

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like the choices, I always like having that choice in games I play too!

That's okay!! I'm glad you like it :) We're releasing real soon!


Yep there'll be offline PvP and Co-op!

Yes, that's a placeholder from the composer of EBF5. She was kind enough to release that track and a few others!

The full game has a full original soundtrack (over 90 minutes long)!

Thank you! Glad you had fun, there's so much in store for the full game (it'll be out in a couple months)

Thanks for playing Spinal! I'm really glad you're into it and were able to make sense of the game so far :)

The huge list was great, although this demo hasn't been updated in a really long time. Release is coming in a couple months! There'll be a huge difference.

Maybe in the far future!


Thanks so much for playing! Same here :D

Yeah, there's actually a Linux demo on gamejolt if you'd like to play it.

All I can say is it won't be more than $20

Yeah they'll be unlockable!

Only Reva is unlockable in the free demo, you can unlock her by beating the secret boss which you get to by winning the 4th battle with the purple crystal at 100 hp

Hey thank you so much for all the suggestions! I'm working on the final version of the game and will make sure all of those are taken care of :) I can tell you have a solid sense of game design!

I've currently got translation all covered but thank you for the offer!

They're both the same version, although one is linked to gamejolt and the other is linked to!

Thank you for playing Scavanger X! It might have become easier or maybe you just got better ;) There is so much more content for the game. I'll have an update in the future!

Hey Daikenki, professional Spanish and many other languages are already planned for localization for the full version. I really appreciate the offer for help though! :)

Thanks for showing it off! :)

Hey Korokage, I'm the same as you! Thank you for sharing and I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :)

You may need to disable some firewall or security settings?

Replied to your email :)

I'm not sure what you mean? Can you tell me if you're on Windows or Mac and what error you're getting?

Thank you so much! The full game will be published soon!

I'm glad you're giving it a try Temmieneko, what did you think?? Also why didn't you want to download it or play it before XD

Ah I haven't tested with a Steam Controller yet! But I do own one and will make sure to give that a shot. I'm so glad you think it's awesome!! What do you  mean by EGS, and why shouldn't I put it there? :o

Hey Malefic, thank you so much for that fantastic review! Stuff like this is super helpful, and I'm happy to say that a lot of your concerns are already on my radar! You can try increasing the screen scale to make it less blurry. I will be working on everything you mentioned, including lots of polish and a ton more content! 

I don't think the posts here get too much visibility so I've been neglecting it a bit! I'll try to post here a bit more though :) I think it's mostly bug fixes with a couple new spells thrown in cause I like you guys.

Awesome, always a good time watching you play! Thanks Step :)