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Wrong Dimension - A One Dimensional Platformer

A topic by StartUp Studio Games created Jun 06, 2016 Views: 245
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Wrong Dimension - The 'One Dimensional' Platformer

is a game played along a single axis. Fight monsters, unlock doors, explore sky-towers, and dive deep into underground dungeons using familiar platforming concepts presented in brand new ways . All while being hypnotized by an amazing soundtrack by Joe Firth.

Designed intentionally with simplicity, WD challenges players reactions, speed, and performance under pressure while demanding success in one run each level. No checkpoints, no score. Each level is either pass or fail. There is no success in winning half way, then dying. The only way to unlock the next level is to beat the one before.


  • Vertical Gameplay
  • Monsters specially designed around the axis restraints
  • Requires the balance of reflexes, strategy, and speed
  • Mesmerizing world of neon colors
  • Long Grasslands, Tall Sky-towers, and Deep Dungeons
  • Designed to influence players psychologically (Confusion to accomplishment. Intensity to Powerful. etc.)

It's page can be found here.

I hope that you will give it a look and take a chance and experience a new way to platform your way to victory!