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DON'T GIVE UP: A Cynical Tale Release Demo

Dive into the dark comedic tale of Tris, an asocial game developer and his quest to confront his demons. · By trisbee


A topic by Walinzor created Jul 21, 2018 Views: 191 Replies: 8
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Just finished the demo, and it was great! Looking forward to the full version! Any idea how far off that is? Also, I did livestream to Youtube and Twitch, if you'd like to check that out.  


Hey thanks! The future of the game is up in the air right now, it was a huge labor of love and for now, I'm going to see how the community treats it! I appreciate your support and playing the game, glad you enjoyed it! :D

Really like the art style and writing, but I can't seem to get past the part where you're supposed to press "A" to drink the bottle. The gamepad won't work and I can't figure out what key to press on the keyboard.


You press A.

Yep, gotta clarify the button press icon more. It's too slow for a "mash A" prompt. Look at other games like arcade games to fix this.


noted and will be brought to attention in the next build in a day or so, for now, I've put a note on the download page :)



Cute! :)


Thanks! It seems like my game got pushed way way wayyyy out of visibility in only 4 days though, I'll have to hope for a feature!