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A tool for Jams

A topic by Sleepless Inc. created 13 days ago Views: 97 Replies: 6
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I have a tool that is designed to help people finish their game jams with maximum quality, by the deadline.  Is this something anyone would be interested in?


This is so vague...

Yes, sorry, that's fair.  I'm not actually trying to sell anything, I'm literally just curious to know if people who do game jams would find something that helps them meet their deadline intriguing; Nothing else.  For example, answers might be something like, "yes", "no", or "maybe".

Not with a description like that.

like im interested but you gotta at least tell me why your app is better than some that are already out

So it would be a bit like a project management too, but specifically designed for games.  You would create tasks that need to be accomplish and assign them to team members, but it would have a different calendar display, and it would have features that allow you to "force" the game to be one by certain deadline.  Of course it can't *literally* force you ... it just "makes a big deal" out of getting it done on time, even if it's not quite what you imagined.

It would be quite a lot simpler than a regular project management tool, and it would have a UI that would be a lot more fun to use.

Does that help?

It's not actually finished yet, but I'm just hoping to get an idea of whether i should bother doing so or not by seeing if there's any interest in it.