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The second paid asset pack is not indexed after 30 days

A topic by Kimbulworks created 13 days ago Views: 121 Replies: 8
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This asset, (the second of six paid assets that I’ve already published on my account), isn’t indexed yet.

Within 7 days, my first paid asset was indexed. but this time until 30 days. Is it stuck in the queue?

I have read the documents already:

I’m hoping someone can assist me. Thank you!

Is it stuck in the queue?

I guess! Gave it a bump.

Can you help give a bump to my other assets in this collection too?

Since a month ago, I’ve been publishing a new pack every week. and each pack has been published for at least one week.

Thank you for replying!


If you have several published projects in the same situation, you should contact support instead. That's probably not an accident.

Now, this asset,, has only been indexed (and can be found in the search bar by its name), but it hasn’t been updated, so it doesn’t appear on the most recent assets page.

I already emailed the contact support address about my other assets.

My first paid assets were indexed and updated at the same time. So maybe they forget to update it?


That's not how it works. Projects are placed at the top of new releases when they are first published, or sometimes when posting the right kind of devlog. Because of the mix up, it's now way down the list. Sorry about that.

When I publish a new asset pack, it goes into the indexing queue, which means it can’t be searched or hidden (I know it can be seen through my homepage or embedded widget).

If projects are placed at the top of new releases when they are first published, but they are still in the queue for review (hidden), how can the asset pack be seen on the most recent page if indexing takes so long?

Or is there a qualification for an account to get auto-indexed when publishing a new asset pack?


Projects are normally reviewed much more quickly. I don't know what happened in your case. Please wait for support to reply. Thanks.

Thank you so much for the explanation; I’ll definitely take your advice and wait!