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Recent update

A topic by BLINXERIZER created Jan 21, 2023 Views: 175 Replies: 3
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The GOG and Steam versions just got an update today (Jan 20th, 2023). Please don't forget about the itch version.

Also seems that the MAC and LINUX versions on itch are out of date? Not sure as I am using WINDOWS.


Hi! The update on GOG was just to deactivate the Christmas mode (which from now will be toggled automatically every year). We'll have a look to make sure the version are up-to-date here as well, thanks!

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Wait something is weird here... It actually looks like GOG is out of date. The latest patch it got was 1.2.3 while Steam has 1.2.4...

I noticed that GOG only got the 1.2.3 update just recently while the 1.2.4 Steam got last year. What's that about?

Any update on this?