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Hi! The update on GOG was just to deactivate the Christmas mode (which from now will be toggled automatically every year). We'll have a look to make sure the version are up-to-date here as well, thanks!


Today I worked on the workshop window. 

As the buildings amount increased, scrolling in the workshop was becoming increasingly annoying, so I decided to add a category level (sleep, eat, rest, activity, decorations) to make in easier to navigate and build stuff !



There has been quite a lot of changes since my first post. I decided to take a different path regarding the art direction, in order to get a stronger identity!

I also added a big new gameplay element: Campings! You need to find them, and build shelters, places to eat, fun activities to make the campers happy! It wasn't easy to implement, but I'm really glad I did it! it adds a whole new dimension to the game!

I also added new resources. Now you can gather wood, metal, fabric, coins and mushrooms (because why not)

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Hi, and welcome on my page!

I wanted to make video games for a long time. In march / April, the lockdown gave me an opportunity to finally allocate some time and make a step to actually start a project! So here I am!

I recently played the beautiful "A Short Hike" game by Adam Robinson-Yu and its coherence and simplicity inspired me so much. 

What I have so far:

  • The main character
  • A majority of the NPCs
  • 80% of the map
  • All of the assets
  • The saving system
  • In-game, main and settings menu
  • Many dialogues (EN only for now)
  • Some sound fxs

I still need to put efforts on these aspects in particular:

  • Improving the character controller
  • Making a proper intro and outro
  • Improving the backstories
  • making the quests more fun
  • Improving the art direction to get a stronger identity
  • Working on the music and sound effects
  • Bringing a bit more coherence between every aspects, especially between the gameplay and the story
  • And so much more things...

Follow this devlog, I will try to keep you updated about the progression and post "behind the scenes" gifs and images.

It's my first game, first devlog, first everything, so expect many mistakes, bugs, bad practices etc... I'm here to learn, so don't hesitate to tell me how to improve myself :)

I hope you'll enjoy reading it!