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Game Launch Bug

A topic by Gnomeofdoom created Jul 18, 2018 Views: 69 Replies: 1
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Hello there, I'm playing on a windows 7 machine, and having issues even getting started. I launch the game, and then am met by this screen:

Then, music kicks in and I get screens like this for a while:

No errors or anything, just can't actually play or see anything.
I've run as administrator, I've installed a couple times, and I've followed some of the steps in the  "Game won't load" thread including downloading the data separately. Any ideas what's going on?


Hello there! I received a private email with the same error happening on windows 8. Unfortunately we don't have those systems to test out so it is going to be harder to debug. I'll see what I can do, and try a few things for the next update.