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Survive in a land ravaged by an invasive species. You and your dragon are Windstone's last hope. · By Threshold Seven

House building question.

A topic by Cipherdec created Jul 18, 2018 Views: 117 Replies: 2
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Do you plan to have the pieces Snap or are you allowing for free form building? I'm fine either way. The new update with the the double 3 to pick up is awesome. Thank you I kept picking up my small structure by accident.  Oh FYi the hit box for the stone fire ring is odd. When you put it down you can move it around but once its been there for some time you have to move everything away from it to pick it up so you can put it back down to move it. Just an FYI.


Hi Cipherdec, I might add snapping as an option but I think I'll always leave free form as an option too. The fire ring and fire pit are a little wonky too. The fire ring and pit/bowl aren't supposed to be able to be moved when there is a fire in it to prevent using one ring to extended the duration of multiple fires in different places. So you might just have to wait for the fire to burn out before you move the ring/pit. Are there cases where there is no fire and you still can't move it? Careful with moving the bigger fire pit/bowl and the well also, they are quite buggy sometimes but being worked on.

I would personally like a snapping option but I like the option for free form also. As per the fire ring, I believe I tried it both ways.  I had just made shelter and was trying to move the fireplace out of the way so I could put down baskets.