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Would really like to play an updated version of this game. Any Idea when this comes to steam?

Biting at the bit for .80 any update as to a release? the whole farming thing has me hyped.

I am really excited for this new update. I've finally gotten to a point where I feel comfortable going into the snow to hunt trolls and farm copper. Are you planning on making a set of weather based clothing or keeping it as  is by using food and potions?

Can't wait for this update. really want to see where you go with the planting system, always could use more NPC's Bosses if you will. Really enjoy your game a ton and your water is just hard to beat. 

One i mentioned was how over powered the darts are. The tardigrad have no chance if you hit them with a dart. Now if it took 2 darts to kill one maybe giving it a 10 to 15 second duration would make it more realistic. Also noticed that if you didn't pluck the dart from the monster after the fight that it would not show up on the ground some times. That said I wasn't using a blue mushroom at the time to verify.

I've really enjoyed your game completely. I never got to play with all the mushroom effects but I will in my next play through. I did bring up some  no so much issues but questions at the end of my final video of the season. You've commented on some of my videos so you know how excited I am every time I play your game. Going to wait till Version 14 or 15 before I do a new round of game play but I check everyday for any kind of updates  and posts just because I see a whole lot of great ideas in this game. 

So I recorded my whole game play from beginning to full dragon and took these cool Screenshots. I hope you enjoy as some of the moonlight pictures are amazing against the dragon.

I would personally like a snapping option but I like the option for free form also. As per the fire ring, I believe I tried it both ways.  I had just made shelter and was trying to move the fireplace out of the way so I could put down baskets.

Do you plan to have the pieces Snap or are you allowing for free form building? I'm fine either way. The new update with the the double 3 to pick up is awesome. Thank you I kept picking up my small structure by accident.  Oh FYi the hit box for the stone fire ring is odd. When you put it down you can move it around but once its been there for some time you have to move everything away from it to pick it up so you can put it back down to move it. Just an FYI.

Glad to know it wasn't just me. Thank you again for such a great game. I can't wait for the next update. 

I am really enjoying the game. I have run into a few bugs where when I pull a tool up to use I can't swing (especially bad when in a fight) but found that if I switch tools and then switch back it works fine. I don't know if it is something you've thought about but the walk speed is extremely slow. I understand it if you're  exhausted but it feels rather slow when your  healthy. 

The building is fun and I'm enjoying the game. I don't know if farming was something that you had or had not planned. But I think Deforestation when building homes takes away from the atmosphere. Either I deforest the area I am building in or I deforest another area. 

I like the glider but feel if you are going to gain momentum when looking down the momentum should push you for a while when you lean up for some time. I understand it is only a tool until you get your dragon though. 

lastly I was warming the Dragon Egg next to a fire and then when it was done it gave me a message of 1hammer and some other text, I took it as hammer the egg once and then the egg disappeared and no dragon. 

WINDSTONE community · Created a new topic Dragon Egg poofed

Hey sir, I kept my egg near a fire the whole time, then when I clicked on it it said done and something along the lines of 1hammer and some other text. I hit the egg once with the hammer and then it poofed no dragon. Did I do something wrong or is this a known issue?