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I am really enjoying the game. I have run into a few bugs where when I pull a tool up to use I can't swing (especially bad when in a fight) but found that if I switch tools and then switch back it works fine. I don't know if it is something you've thought about but the walk speed is extremely slow. I understand it if you're  exhausted but it feels rather slow when your  healthy. 

The building is fun and I'm enjoying the game. I don't know if farming was something that you had or had not planned. But I think Deforestation when building homes takes away from the atmosphere. Either I deforest the area I am building in or I deforest another area. 

I like the glider but feel if you are going to gain momentum when looking down the momentum should push you for a while when you lean up for some time. I understand it is only a tool until you get your dragon though. 

lastly I was warming the Dragon Egg next to a fire and then when it was done it gave me a message of 1hammer and some other text, I took it as hammer the egg once and then the egg disappeared and no dragon.