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[Music/Audio] Musician, SFX artist looking for projects big or small!

A topic by Chris Logsdon created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 1
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Hey, my name is Chris! I'm a music composer/producer and SFX artist. I can do many different genres and styles, and I'm always excited to try something new! I've worked in Unity, Unreal, and I have programming experience myself (worked as software dev for 4 years).

Here's my portfolio.

I did lots of game music/audio work while in college as a game programmer. Then I transitioned to original/remix productions (several VGM remixes with net label GameChops under the alias "chjolo"). Now I'm looking to get back into game audio as a career.

I'm looking for any work composing music or sound effects. I'd love to talk with you about your project! :)

Feel free to email me if you're interested:

Thank you!

I'm planning to take part in the 2018 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam! Let me know if you need a composer or sfx artist!