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Richard's Good Ending?

A topic by Typhon013 created Jul 15, 2018 Views: 605 Replies: 3
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Anyone gotten his good ending yet? If so, can you tell me the choices/general tone you took to get it (i.e ignore him when possible, prank him, intentionally poison him, etc.)? I can only get the normal ending. If you know which choices are important, that would be most helpful.


We'll post up the walkthroughs for each route after fixing Romeo's bug.

Hint: Do NOT intentionally poison him.


I finally managed to get it, and I'm like 98% sure these are the choices I had to make to get it. I hope they work for you.

                Acknowledge him.

                 Tell Kat to stay.

                 Tease him.

                 Continue tracking Ms Lewis.

                 Stand up and leave so he can finish it off.

                 Ignore him and continue eating.

                 I don’t want to be caught.

                 No, he doesn’t deserve it.

                 Say that Richard is here.

                 Yes. He’s waiting. Don’t be rude.

                 Follow him.

                 Let him help.

                No. They’re the guests.

                Sneak in to get it.

                 In the library.

                 No, stranger danger.

                 Yes, it doesn’t hurt.

                 Maybe. I mean, Kat wouldn’t lie.


                 Tell her.

                 Yes, he’s waiting for you with food.

                 Obviously, yes!

                 Comfort him.

bless you. There were 2 choices in there I chose differently (Ms. Lewis and the bookshelf) that, when messing around I never tried the correct combination. Thanks so much!