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I finally managed to get it, and I'm like 98% sure these are the choices I had to make to get it. I hope they work for you.

                Acknowledge him.

                 Tell Kat to stay.

                 Tease him.

                 Continue tracking Ms Lewis.

                 Stand up and leave so he can finish it off.

                 Ignore him and continue eating.

                 I don’t want to be caught.

                 No, he doesn’t deserve it.

                 Say that Richard is here.

                 Yes. He’s waiting. Don’t be rude.

                 Follow him.

                 Let him help.

                No. They’re the guests.

                Sneak in to get it.

                 In the library.

                 No, stranger danger.

                 Yes, it doesn’t hurt.

                 Maybe. I mean, Kat wouldn’t lie.


                 Tell her.

                 Yes, he’s waiting for you with food.

                 Obviously, yes!

                 Comfort him.

I never got any ending other than those you've mentioned, sorry, no. I just checked and the only one I managed to unlock was called "First Date", even though I got the normal and bad endings it doesn't seem like they unlocked anything.

I hope the developers will eventually release some sort of walkthrough for the endings, because I'm stumped on how to get them otherwise.

It took me a really long time to get Kadin's good ending, way back when he was first released. I don't know if these answers have changed at all since then, but these are the choices I had to make to get it. I hope I won't get in trouble for posting this here?? but I remember how annoyed I was when I couldn't get his good ending, so... I hope it helps :)

Kadin - Gum Attack

 Let him. 

Tomorrow after lunch.

 Kadin - Fluoro Pink

 Continue waiting for him.


 Kadin - Prank Buddies

 Kadin - Bike Revenge


 Kadin - Pink Spray


 Cut the skewers.

 Kadin - Masters of Glue

 Help Dad with the door.

 Have a visit at the restaurant where I work.

 Kadin - Dinner Date Mission

 Don't go.

 Big chance.

 Kadin - Unique Cupcakes

 Play board games.

 Catch up to him.

 Kadin - Unexpected Customers

 Yes, tell him now.